Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wonder Books Workshop!

I'm very excited about my upcoming workshop at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery. It's always been my favorite gallery so I'm thrilled they are hosting my little Wonder Books workshop!! We'll be creating 3 unique mixed-media spreads inside altered board books.... geared toward awakening our wonder, inner wisdom, and empowering our path... I have a few surprises up my sleeve so I don't want to reveal too much just yet!! You'll have to come see / experience for yourself ;) 

Class info: 
Location: 211 East 1st Street  Sanford, FL 32771
Sign Up: (407) 323-2774

With Love + Wonder, 

PS. I'm working on bringing this class to the online world too! You can sign up for my newsletter at the top right of this page to find out when.


  1. Sounds like fun, I want to come! But I already have plans, so hopefully you'll do more!

  2. what fun -- you will be a superstar! wish i could be there!

  3. Hooray, your workshop will rock, I know! I sent you a letter in the mail to the address here on your blog, but it was sent back because you're not using that P.O. box. :( Text me your addy so I can send you some love, love!

  4. ok, here's the thing - i've had SO little time lately to catch up on a few of my favourite blogs, and finally, this morning, i thought 'fuck it'... i need to feel inspired again. So i visit your blog, and OH. MY. GOD.... what an inspiration you are. The writing, the gorgeous paintings, the books... i just had to thank you for being who you are. Oh, and btw, i love your last line in your intro - "and live adventurously despite circumstance". Yes. Love. One day, i'll attend one of your classes. :-) xox


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