Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Wild Night is Calling

The Wild Night is Calling.
The thrill of this discovery releases the most delightful endorphins which 
leave a taste on my tongue and shoot down my spine.  
A rush I'm ever after.

Hello lovely souls,

 I've been sitting with this surge I feel -- these connections in my head / heart. Digging-digging-digging. Bundling it all up in the form of amethyst, rose quartz, a wild leaf, pink string, feathers, and tiny sage bundles burned as I release. Up and out into the magical forest of Cassadaga. 

I've often wondered why I chose to stay rooted here for 10 years. I'm starting to see why things didn't work out differently. Why that magical cottage hasn't appeared just yet. . . It's all so perfect really. Every little inch. I choose to live. In awe, in wonder, in joy, in question, in digging, in reverence for it all. 

The wild night is so eagerly awaiting. It's here crawling down the walls, stepping in the windows. I am here with this balance of light and dark and the curiosity to see things through.

With magic hats...candles ever glowing, 


  1. I always think of the top of my typewriter as a stage also!! ....it just needs a circus tent over it!! xxoo ( First time on your blog ... me likes!! )


  2. I love reading your posts Carissa your writing is magical. Thankyou!!

  3. You don't know how much I need to be near you right now, if even just in blog form. <3


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