Friday, January 13, 2017

Over the Rainbow::: New Art!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A deep ode to the inner wise child in all of us. 
The one who dares to dream. The one who knows the language of the Universe = love, and speaks it fluently, in full color. The one who boldly knows. And the dreams that she dares to dream really do come true. 

(((with love)))
new batch of small originals available (get em' while they're hot! ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Emerging + 2016 in Review

Dearest Creative,

How are you this season? I really miss you here. Some of the biggest feedback I've been receiving lately from every single angle (and...angel) in my life, is this -- please get back on the blog-horse. Consistently. Drop in more, and share (more) Along The Way. Even if it's just a small post or quick live video, you say, you want more from me (I hear you). I am gladly honoring this invitation for regularity, for sharing in smaller-chunks (which echoes the sound of my heart / pulse....)

Farewell to the old habit of chunky-wordy-posts. Welcome to the ease of less, and more. Thump-thump, thump-thump.

2016 was a year of Deepening. A Massive Inhale. I am ready for the Slow Exhale into next season. In every which way, I am emerging with gems to share. And I vow to Follow These Wild Winds (as always) wherever they lead, with my Whole Heart.

A quick blast down memory lane:: I must quickly honor the fact that simply stepping into this blog and sharing my journey from 2008 changed everything for me. It's as if I opened a big wooden gate and welcomed my truth to slip out from every possible angle. It marks the moment I chose to engage my new life (my true life) and follow my JOY with complete abandon. With complete imperfection. With complete I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way. All the rusty hinges naturally fell away to make room for all the expansiveness in my capacity, which just keeps growing. Just one juicy layer of surrendering after the other.

Thank you to those who have stuck with me from the jump, or from anywhere Along the Way. I cherish you.

Messy Mavens was the biggest hit this year. It's where most of my energy was drawn. I enjoyed offering in-person workshops, connecting face-to-face with so many amazing souls near and far. And of course the e-course version! It has to be my #1 favorite creation to date. May I confess 1) I love creating content. 2) I love making videos. 3) I love inspiring you. 4) I love the fact so many people can connect across the globe, with similar intentions, and share their huge hearts. WHat a blessing. Number 3 is really what it's all about. I hope you feel the love in every morsel I share.

In short, 2016 was more private and inward than most since I started here. Today I watch the sun peek back behind the pine trees with complete acceptance and peace.

Big love to you
and your journey

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Studio Views + SPECTRUM 2016

Hey guys! New work is under-way + some quick exciting news:: 

I'm one of the many wondrous teachers in Spectrum 2016!!

Have you heard of Spectrum yet? In short: " Spectrum is an online Holistic Creative Circle that integrates Visual Journaling into an experience about so much more" -- hosted by Hali Karla.

 Click here for all the glorious details! 

Later this week I'll have a giveaway here... Stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear 2016: Dream Seeds + deepening + miracles

If 2015 taught me anything in sum, it’s this :: You are inherently perfect, just as you are. 

With 7 stitches across my toes: I hopped into 2015 on one foot fearing I was damaged beyond repair… Oh it’s a long story, but in that downtime the word Sea-change ("a profound or notable transformation") was delivered. It became my touchstone and truly foreshadowed every-thing-that-followed… Fire was the element that chased me (and I it) as I leapt into a Transformational Pond. The Phoenix Process came for a lot of us, and wow, it was scorching, uncomfortable, frightening, exhilarating, and highly personal. Theres seems to be this desolate in-between where we have done our work, but can’t yet see the horizon — or how beautiful the aftermath will be. In my experience, it’s always been bigger, brighter, and surprisingly more simple than I realize. 

You have everything you need + need everything you have. 

Every experience, every poison apple, every deep wound, every little radiant dream that keeps coming back to you is an opportunity. . . To Deepen Your Truth. To respond. To rumble. To roar. To roll down itchy hills into big piles of perfectly raked leaves. To toss perfect into the air. To get uncomfortable (as you grow). To run through sprinklers. To slide down slides. To dance ridiculously. To scream from the depths of your core — I am here, I am here. And believe it. 

This year, I tip-toed in to 2016 without a guiding word — and again, one found me:: Deepening. 

I am here, fully devoted to Deepening my Voice. I have travelled a great distance, and now, to simply allow myself the time and space to expand upon what I’ve already found = my #1 goal. 

Mistakes may be Miracles in disguise 

A deep thread recently revisited me:: probably because I have finally cleared THE WAY. My longstanding dream seed, is becoming more & more real. . . . 

2016 is my year to rumble + deepen + expand upon what I’ve found. Thanks to the many helpers and guides and healers along the way. . . I am ready, and humbled, and staking my claim. 

Sending BIG LOVE and all GREEN LIGHTS. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Messy Mavens: The Self-Paced Adventure Train

Calling all Brazen Mavens (yes, you!)

The Maven Train has returned, and it’s officially ready to scoop up all you Self-Paced Adventurers. Are you ready? To go deeper? Messier? Brazen-er in your art (and life) practice? Pack your cosmic bags and hit the rails. This little light-train is filled with messy, honest, and inspirational content to help guide you toward your very own Underground Railroad. A place of liberation & freedom that runs deep in your veins, and reveals itself in dreamscapes and through open hearted dialogues on canvas.

Messy Mavens Preview from carissa paige on Vimeo.

I fully believe this little-light-train knows exactly where to go, who to pick up, and what they need, so if you are feeling that little tug— I encourage you to leap! 

Buy The Ticket Take The Ride

Here is what some of the first-wave of passengers had to say about their experience. . .
Student work by Beth DiIorio + Shari Sherman

“This course is so much more than a how-to for messy techniques. Carissa is masterful at encouraging self exploration with intuitive mark-making and journaling prompts. I found myself slowing down each week to savor the writing, photos, and videos that she presented. All of it, guiding me into my own power. I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone searching for creative freedom and authenticity and who doesn't mind getting messy along the way. -- Shari Sherman"

"Carissa's Messy Maven class is full of heart. I love to watch her create and work through all the beautiful "messy" parts. It is refreshing to see an artist take you from start to finish on a painting with vulnerability the way Carissa does. The beautiful imperfections begin to shine. Her approach is loose, playful, and experimental. One does not find this every day....the way she shares her full process. It taught me to keep showing up and to paint often! -- Mindy Lacefield" 

"Everyone Needs Messy Mavens!  All Aboard! I’m singin’ the praises of one of my all-time favorite courses!  Carissa Paige is gifted, aware, genuine, and talented.  Her process is rooted in “creating from you authentic self and being open to your inner wisdom.”  Learning from and getting to know Carissa turned out to be a richly fulfilling adventure.  She reinforced the three most important things for me in relation to my passion for creating:

TRUST my intuition, respond to the marks and colors on the paper, and create works that I’d never envisioned.
EXPERIENCE growth in how I use mixed-media materials and skills.
CONNECT with other artsy kindreds.

Heartfelt thanks, Carissa!
Messily Grateful,
Beth DiIorio "

"Messy Mavens has gotten me excited to paint again! I've been in a bit of a creative rut when it comes time to create purely for myself . . . for joy and exploration and discovery. Messy Mavens is exactly what I needed to get me all fired up again! Carissa is a gentle yet powerful guide, inviting us to draw inspiration from our life's own messy mavens (including ourselves!). I'm grateful to honor my strong women: ancestors, mentors, kindred, and yes, even myself. Thank you, Carissa, for a deeply meaningful and moving course! You helped me love being a Messy Maven! -- Amanda Fall"

"I am absolutely loving the nature of this class, its looseness and freedom, the subject matter, and especially your words. So thank you, Carissa for sharing your gifts and talents and for your patience.” -- Laurin

"Carissa, you got me started with art and intuitive painting and my whole life has changed so I'm so very grateful! Messy Mavens here I come!!! :) Choooo chooo!” -- Gabriella Swanson

+++ and a few more bits of love +++

"Just watched your Closing Circle video, Carissa. I was moved to tears. You absolutely get it. Messy Mavens is one of the most genuine and transformative classes I've taken. YOU are the bestest conductor ever! And I am happier than ever with my WILD self!” 

"I just watched the opening video (at last! After jumping around a bit, since I joined late), and oh, Carissa, you made my nose crinkle up with tears. Thank you for the comfort here and your gentle guidance. I see now there's nothing to fear. Only more love to discover.”

"Carissa, I am so much enjoying this class. Not having done anything like this before, I was a bit intimidated to begin, but thanks to your words of encouragement, I just finally dove in.”

"Just finished watching Week #2 Lessons! I am bursting with excitement to create my first Maven!!!”

"LOVE this e-course! Speaks to me even more than I was hoping for.”

Wow, as I'm able to step back to see the full scope I'm pretty excited to fling these doors back open and invite you all aboard this little Light-Train that could. May it transform and inspire you in magnificent ways as it has this first wave of passengers.

Without further ado::: the self-paced magic + details

  • 6 weeks / lessons / train-stops
  • Over 3 hours of video featuring:
  • 2 Massive Messy Mavens steeped in Intuitive Listening
  • 1 Empowering Art Journal Page: She Found Her Own Pulse
  • 5 Mini-Mavens = turned into Sprit Flags
  • Access to a Private & Supportive Maven Tribe on Facebook
  • Bonus exercises + a Surprise Twist at the End
READY TO RIDE? Grab your ticket ($99) below ::

Buy The Ticket Take The Ride

After your purchase, you will receive an email invitation from "Messy Minerva" to join the private classroom along with a bundle of emails that accompany & lead into each lesson. Enjoy enjoy ENJOY!
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