Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Tuesday: Swift Kick in the Ass: Or What You Seek is Seeking YOU.


The view around here today.  The center image is an adorable magnet by Robin aka Well of Creations. I LOVE her creations. They're funky & inspiring. They have super-powers. You can get them here! The bottom shot is a couple new paintings in progress. The one to the left is actually the one from my video a couple of posts below! It had quite an evolution. A messy soul cleansing evolution.

Speaking of Soul Work.... On Friday: I had a spontaneous reading from an intuitive who uses crystals & stones as part of her process. She had a bowl of stones & asked me to pick out 7, then align them on the table top. She put this delicious oil on her hands & then spent some time w/ her hand over each stone/crystal. The message she delivered was powerful, perfectly timed, and provided me w/ some much needed clarity! The whole session was about 45 minutes. Days later & I'm still digesting it. In time I will share it w/ you. Let me just say our intuition is a powerful thing! If we ASK & LISTEN an answer or path WILL appear!

"What you seek is seeking you."

So... What do I do when I get home from this AMAZING spirit awakening SWIFT KICK IN THE ASS unplanned venture?? Plot a course?? Sail the 7 Seas?? Take over the world?? Nope. I drank wine & cleaned out a closet! I feverishly filled boxes with donations. I threw out a big bag of trash. Somehow the more inspired I become w/ life, the less attachment I have, & the easier it is to clear space! For even more energy to live & breath & work it's magic of course. Have you ever noticed that?? When in times of transition or awakening, the things in waiting get stirred. My house has made so much progress on the organizational front because lately - when I feel uninspired or down, I plot an area of the house to attack... rear back &  pounce. Instead of sitting there feeling sorry for myself, I'm gettin' things done. Then I feel better for gettin' things done, and the next thing you know I'm gettin' more things done. Snowball effect at its finest!

 All this talk about energy & intuition & swift kicks in the ass brings me to this: I'm joining a womens group locally. A pow-wow of creative energy workers. I don't know where this will lead me, but shortly after cleaning out the closet I found myself on a website & then I was sending a request to join the group & then I was getting a response & then...... the rest is yet to come, but I feel good about it. Hands up high, skirt twirling,  la-la-la good.

Have a beautiful week ahead!!! More colored pieces from the Word Hoard coming soon! 



  1. i am so digging these new creations of yours and your skirt twirling happiness!!!

    you are such an amazing artist my sweet .... this new circle you are joining is very blessed to have you be a part of it!!!

    loving you so....now get your ass over to my house and help me pick a room and POUNCE!!!!


  2. so happy for you! I am feeling a similar kick in the tush over here. I have kind of been biding my time HOPING my sphere of friends would see me modeling this CREATIVE BEHAVIOR AND WANT TO JUMP ON BOARD. What is happening instead is that we might be moving again. And as I know from my last move, change sparks ENORMOUS CREATIVITY IN ME.

    thank sweet girl for the nod on my magnets.


  3. kolleen, i would love to fly right over there! getting rid of stuff has become my mantra lately.

    you're so welcome robin, i love your funk. good luck w/ your move! no doubt it will stir the magic in you. i would LOVE to move, but alas, my little ship stays anchored here for a while longer.


  4. Carissa, just stopping in from Liv's blog class. Love your blog, your picture story and your images!

  5. Just found your very inspiring blog. Keep on being you x


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