Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crystal Luna

Hello friends, I'm back from my yoga ventures & settling back in at home. I've got a major to-do list for this coming week as I prepare for Atomic Holiday Bazaar. I'm just a little nervous thinking about how huge this event is, and how many people will be moving through there. Whew. Nothing like a huge show like this to break me in good and proper.

I've just finished a new girl, Luna, above. I made her while sitting around the table w/ a slew of creative Soul Sisters in Minnesota. She's been sitting here for weeks, sort of looking at me, and me at her while I try to figure out her name. Sometimes I have so much trouble naming things. And if I haven't named it, it feels like it isn't complete (and I can't send it out into the world yet.) It doesn't always take me SO long, but this time it did. Finally on Friday I came across someone w/ the name "Crystal Luna." And it hit me. That's it, that's HER! It's pretty interesting because on my way to Minnesota, in the Orlando Airport - I ran into my old boss, Crystal! Working for her where I did was instrumental in reawakening my creativity... and there is SO MUCH MORE to the story I will share at another time, but for now I'm trying to be brief. It's been a long weekend, and I'm tired, and I know I will just babble on for 10 pages or more... likely making no sense at all.

"Luna" (the moon) is special because during my time at Lake Superior which was magical to say the least, (I talked about it here, here and here if you want to read...) we were keenly aware of how beautiful the moon was each night. We took sweet pics under the moon and it was all so special.

Crystal my boss from the instrumental to reawakening my creativity job, and Luna the glorious moon we basked under = Crystal Luna. Or Luna for short, because her friends call her Luna. She was made using 1 supply: Lori's wonderful Neocolors (plus a paintbrush and water) which I adore! They're on my wish list right now!

I've made some prints of sweet Luna, and I'm pretty sure I'm happy w/ it... Equally as happy as Luna must be to have an official name! So tomorrow I'll add some prints of her to my shop.



  1. i
    & so
    my angel,
    chrystal! :)
    looove all
    the connections...
    & can't wait to hear
    about the bazaar!!!
    ...dancing w/ewe
    under that great moon,
    ss! xoxox

  2. She's beautiful and I love her name.

  3. Oh, I think the name suits her perfectly! I love neocolors. I only have a tiny set. I really want the big one, wish they weren't so spendy. Best Wishes at the Bazaar!

    ps: I'm having a giveaway, come on over if you're interested. :)

  4. Oh, hello, Crystal Luna! The perfect name for a perfect girl. Over the moon for her (and you).

    P.S. You're gonna rock that Bazaar!

  5. sweet sweet Crystal Luna.
    i love how her name came about!!!
    and i love you!


    ps....i second Liz. you WILL ROCK. IT.!!!!!!


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