Friday, October 29, 2010

Soul Sister Swoon part Deux

Soul Sister Swoon, part 2.

Where do I even begin? Here I am standing in a circle of natural beauty, rock solid friendships, and feeling insanely blessed. I can't help but wonder if I am deserving of such amazingness in my life, but then I punch myself (only because I've had a few glasses of wine) and realize we are all deserving of such things. I'm just going to be upfront here and say I've had trouble writing this post. I've tried to write it a handful of times, and can't seem to find the right words, or maybe I feel too vulnerable to share the words I've chosen. Maybe I will share those words eventually. But for now, I am sitting in wonder. Wonderous wonder. How do I explain intangible feelings? Instead of harnessing the words, I will share with you pictures. Pictures of our journey, pictures of love and sunshine and I will tell you I am filled w/ inspiration for a lifetime to come.

From the beginning, these two beauties (Liv + Rachel) got together w/ caffeine and a heavenly napkin:
I visited my magical mailbox and then within 2 months walked in the door (which completely opened a new chapter in my life:)

I slept atop a spiral staircase which I loved every waking and sleeping moment of:
. . . in the cosiest most colorful bed just for me:
and i read Augusten Burroughs (who i am currently obsessed w/.) and awoke to a swirly ceiling (sorry no picture!) and this view of Lake Superior:

I explored all around the rocks (more on this later!) I stood in the sun w/ these glorious women! And walked and shared and hugged and drank and loved all of them every last drop:
. . . We are all woven together. Me, you, everyone and thing we know. (Jen, the zilla bad ass show above.)

There's more to share, in picture and thought form, coming eventually. I am getting wrapped back up in the hotness of FL and working on a stationery project (oooohh how fun) which I'm thrilled to try. It's all in the infancy stages, but I have long been wanting to make cards/stationery/love sendable via postal service. More on that later too.

Lots of Love and sugary laden trick-or-treatery goodness.


  1. you are so friggin' cute! hope your having a great weekend, carissa!

  2. ooohhhh.....I LOVE the yellow stockings so.
    and the shoes....and the beauty....
    and you, precious, wonderful, beautiful, remarkable, talented YOU.
    you are so dear to know this, don't you?

  3. the door! the door photo!
    how i looooooove that!
    how i loooooved meeting you THERE!
    looooove all your pics & words
    & the feelings that come through...
    loooooove YOU!
    (it is hard to find words from
    the deepest deeps/sometimes
    only primal sounds cover it..
    like our 14 yr. old came home a
    couple days ago from school & i
    heard him cawwwwwwwing back & forth
    w/a crow in the sky as he was
    walking into our yard & then walked
    in the door with a BIGSMILE!).

  4. p.s.
    i have to tell you that the word
    i had to type in when previewing my
    comment was "sistr".

  5. Sweet Carissa! Your struggle to find words is the best description of all. I love the door and the steps - your invitations to be bigger, better, brighter and yet still glorious YOU. I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you sitting outside the airport (errr...terminal 2) with that yellow scarf around your neck and your ridiculously adorable sunglasses. You deserve every bit of love and abundance and joy you receive (times a thousand). Trust that oodles of it is on its way and that you've got some winged wonders helping you make it happen. :)

  6. I love hearing about your magical week, the pics are beautiful! Sending you lots of inspiration for an awesome stationary line!

  7. OOOOH! can't wait to hear more about your stationery project! i love seeing these pics a week later... it's bringing back all of the wonderful details to me! i loved seeing your little package of pez all around the house!

  8. Carissa, I love that you were just honest about not finding the words- it is hard to explain the loveliness of it all. I am so excited to hear about the stationary project too. sigh. sending you lots of hugs and love!!!


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