Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hitting Pause Wednesday

Surely in the distance a good stretch and a deep breath await you.

A place where tangles become invisible.

A place where the sun shines through completely and nothing gets stuck.

A place where travelers and thoughts can meet and rest and drink and eat and share and create and finally, finally - breathe one big synonymous breath.

And then you will fall asleep on the biggest softest bed full of pillows and

For this is what I hope for.

With Love,


  1. Heaven!! Carissa, thank you for coming over--I enjoyed your visit :) You will love your show in October, even if you don't make one sale--seriously. It's SO wonderful to talk to people who are interested in your work and also meeting other fellow artists and seeing all of their work in person.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! Glad you are checking out the SARK class. I am reading "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" as well. Love it!

  3. ummmmm.
    i love it.
    SARK is wonderful
    i peeked and saw what miss diane above me said about your show in october???? do tell!!!!
    that is oh, so exciting.
    you ARE AM AMAZING you know that?

  4. hey all, thanks so much for the lovins ;) I greatly appreciate it and send it right back around to you!

    the october art show details are all TBD at the moment! i hope it all works out :) as soon as i know more i'll share the 411 ;)


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