Friday, January 11, 2013

21 SECRETS / Following the Wild Winds

Today is the day -- 21 SECRETS is officially official. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing brew of women. I am also thrilled to finally reveal what I'll be sharing with you: 

"Following the Wild Winds"
Take a courageous voyage through your thoughts and feelings using words, colors and figures to expressively spill yourself into your journals. This workshop will guide you to listen, see subtle signs and clues and explore them deeper. Whether it’s transformation you’re seeking or just a new way to let loose in your pages, “Following the Wild Winds” is an invitation to see yourself and the world around you from new heights.  It is also an invitation to get out -- take soul-full walks, listen to animal messengers, sit still and be illuminated by your discoveries. Once you embrace the Wild Winds they will carry you to where you’re meant to be.



  1. Congrats Carissa! So good to see you out there flying on the Wild Winds and spreading your creative wings!

  2. big wild windy grace to you
    as you travel down these freedom roads:)


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