Friday, November 2, 2012

Wonder Books in person! + "Space Holding"

Little Blue typewriter + goodies to rifle through!
Beautiful messes

Demo table
Inspired Wonder-Women
by Jane Renfroe
by Jackie Tomassi
by Kim Brown
by Radha Ananda Prema
by Miriam Chacon
by Laurin MacLeish
Wisdom unfolding by Miriam and Jackie
Scatters of wisdom by Shari Sherman.... 

"Wisdom Begins in Wonder"-socrates

I am at a loss for words! This past weekend I held the first Wonder Books workshop in downtown Sanford at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery where 8 wonder-full women gathered round and opened wide, let looooose and freeeee. Each with their own unique and wild voice. A total dream! The messages that came through serendipitously to everyone through blind pickings and painted unfoldings was a true joy to witness. The happy mistakes, the pushing through, the connections and magic that happen when creative women get together. It's a true force of nature. . . a cyclone of creative energy with all sorts of happy heart sparkles dashing about the room. Hugest thanks to our hostess with the mostest -- Mary K Shaw and Jeanine Taylor for the holding the most glorious space.

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The art featured on the walls is a collection of "Delicate Creatures" by Carolina Cleere. We were all so happy to create amongst her creatures!!


Last but not least: 
A sugary-sweet-collab between me -n- Rachel Awes!!

Space Holding / Holding Space unfolded back and forth with pure magic and joy. It is a reminder of the sacred essentialness of Space Holding for ourselves, our hearts, and others -- a reminder than when we get together creatively and work together creatively we amplify that energy and miraculous things bloom. To share in our journeys, to hold space for one another, to hold space for our art / our exploding hearts, to hold space for our everything we've been through to guide and lead, to BLESS / HONOR / and BURY the rest.

Taking all of that wisdom gathered in wonder-ing and sprinkling it into the lives of others. . . . 

This print is a reminder of the power that comes from Space Holding. Click here to get a print!

With Wonder, 

PS. There are some more photos of Wonder Books taken by the gallery right here!


  1. I'm so over-the-moon proud of you! what magic ya'll created. i only wish i could have been there. i love you and cannot wait to see you. you are just the medicine i need right now. xo!

  2. These are so magical!!! Love all around! xox

  3. It was truly a magical day! You are so cute and meeting you for the first time, my heart felt like it has known you all along..."Yay, my friend is here!" I'll see ya at the next workshop...or maybe traipsing through the woods looking for fairies!


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