Thursday, July 12, 2012

Studio Views + Magic + Parachutes = A BIG BRAVE UPDATE

Helloooooo! Here are some views around here lately. I've missed you so much! I took some time away from bloglandia to focus on getting my art ready to hang at Little Fish Huge Pond (in downtown Sanford). The night I hung my art an amazing thing happened ~ I met one of the curators for my favorite little Teahouse cafe, Dandelion(aka Dandy) in Orlando. Bethany is amazing. She loved my art and asked if I could have a few pieces ready by July 1st to hang in one of the 3 rooms. I nearly died. A month prior to this I was having lunch with a friend (at Dandelion) and asked for the card for the person who curates with the intention of contacting them. 

OK, it only gets more magical ~ are you ready for this? I hung my art at Dandelion along with two other fabulous artists. Not long after a local artist shared a list of Art Happenings in which he tagged me. Lo and behold ~ my near and dear long lost best friend from childhood just so happened to see this and now, now, now? You guessed it ~ we're reunited! It gets even better: She lives less than 10 mins from me!!!! Can you believe it? My earliest, fondest creative memories (aside from Kindy-Garden) were all with her. And now here we are in our early 30s with plans to collaborate and climb more trees. 

Caroline and I circa late 80s early 90s. 
Everything is clicking together. My authentic, childlike everything is alive and I'm here with one of those big rainbow parachutes scooping it all up. 

Speaking of Teahouses and Rainbows and Magic and Such ~ I alluded to this in my last post (!!!) ~ I'm so excited to share that I am team-teaching with my dearest pal Mindy at Teahouse Studios in California!!! This is an absolute dream come true. I can't even begin to express my excitement. Our class is called Color Play! It's February 2nd - 3rd (the day after my birthday!) It's gonna be so much fun

I'm also excited to share I've been working on my first Eee-Course! I am so over the moon about it, and also a little raw / open hearted to the point I get so emotional I end up in tears when I talk about it + my intentions for it. This little adventure was tentatively titled “Painted Playground,” but as I explored it further it's taken on a new name. As soon as it's ready to be revealed, I'll share some peeks!! 

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” 

I'm ready more than ever to step deeper into my purpose. 

All my heart, 

. . . (MORE SOON!). . . 


  1. Wow!!! Carissa! This all so wonderful. I am SO happy for you. I wish I lived closer to Berkeley...that will be an amazing class. I am looking forward to hearing more about your e-class too! So many beautiful things on the horizon! xo

  2. everything about this post is so amazing and awesome and inspiring and i am just so happy and excited for you!!! you are rocking it! love it. love you!

  3. Oh! Sweet, intentional, magical girl - the universe is conspiring in your favor, indeed. Ain't it grand? Wrapping you up with virtual arms and sending so much love. xoxoxo

  4. sweet heart, everything about you is YES.
    doors want to swing open for you. WIDE.
    the world is here for you to fairy it. OPEN.

  5. you know how much i love this post .... oh yea .... THAT. MUCH.!!!!

    i am so proud of you and so over the moon excited for you ... seeing all these magically yummy things transpire makes my heart smile!!! seeing the friendship between you and mindy ... )which i knew beyond the shadow of a doubt would be something truly special) ... blossom and bloom ... makes my heart smile even more!!!

    adoring you so ...

  6. This is a magical miracle! I love the beauty of your life, and your UNSTOPPABLE, INCURABLE optimism. :) I'm so blessed to know you, little lady. I saw your work at Dandy, and it is truly the most beautiful, glowing space. Love you!

  7. Awesome I can't wait to see what your e-course brings!!!

  8. What an amazing post full of wonderful exciting news! Congratulations.

  9. I just adore you and love seeing all that you do on IG and FB. So glad I came in for a visit. oh, and I may possibly be attending this you and MIndy! It would be so fabulous yes indeedy~

  10. I love it when the shift happens and the door you've been seeking opens. It's just lovely. Your work has such a gentle spirit about it. So glad I found you amongst Lori's post.


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