Monday, April 16, 2012

Studio + Soul Rehab

I am (or was) thick in the process of inviting more order into my space. Home is so important to me. Creating a space where I feel alive and electrified is something I'm obsessed with. I'm a little off my rocker at times, moving things around, juggling this and that. My mind never seems to stop interpreting my space, or thinking of new ways to improve it. The past few months I went on a rampage clearing out cabinets, drawers, and closets. It all started when a friend of a friend came to town.

Linda Arlene Schwartz -- Intuitive Mystic, Spiritual Counselor, Transformational Bodyworker. 

When she offered to give me a reading along with taking a look at my space, I hesitated / resisted. Somewhere deep down I knew this would lead to another giant soul-stirring adventure. You see, I've been doing a lot of soul-work lately. I've had a few run-ins with Intuitive Angels who have done nothing but bless me with the exact guidance and wisdom I needed to step further along my path. I've been applying so much energy and effort toward emerging and healing broken bits that I wasn't so sure I could handle yet another Swift Kick in The Ass from The Universe.

Ready or not, here it comes. 

Before the Swift Kick in The Ass:

Cue Mary Poppins and her Magical Clean Up abilities will you?! Here are some after pics:
I completely cleared the closet out & started it over FromZero. It formerly held vintage dresses from my Vintage Shop. They've now been moved to The Official Vintage Room. The closet in my studio? A symbolic gesture of the message I've encountered so much lately -- 
It's time. Come Out of The Closet. Be Exposed. Let go. 
Exposing the bare concrete. Unearthing the root systems. 
Healing. Getting back to what's essential. RECLAIMING. 
Doing all of this with my bare hands, by myself, for myself. 
Coming back together. Out with the stagnant. In with the useful, necessary, and ME.
Ever-changing carousel of characters on my chalkboard ledge :)
Photograph of my Grand-Daddy enlarged and greeting me every day when I walk in my studio. 
Happy little desk corner. 
The setting sun.
Night Light.
Candles all aglow. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of my studio. You can see the space where I paint (on the black & white rug) which doubles as the backdrop for Jack & Tilly (my Vintage Shop). It's changed a bit more since I took these pics. I'm happy to be back on the blog train! I have so much to share and catch up on!

Have a blessed week, 


  1. i love seeing your sweet creative continuously inspire me sweet one!!!

    so wise beyond ... "It's time. Come Out of The Closet. Be Exposed. Let go. "

    love you so

    1. Heartwing SS . . . YOU inspire ME!

      BIG love <3

  2. Love to see you creative space and how it (you) changed :-) I also recently did some studio decluttering/cleaning but I feel that it's not completely finished yet...

    Love to you


    1. Bea ~ I know the feeling ~ i shuffle things around and around, and it never seems to feel finished :)

      Sending loooove ~ over the ocean <3

  3. i love you from the mary pop top
    down to the root systems, carissa paige*

    1. i love you from outer-space
      to the melty-magma core
      and MORE!

  4. YES! I am about to embark on a total refurb of my room too - very inspiring Carissa :)

    1. Woooohoooo! Go you!! Blessings toward your new space, Carrie <3

  5. love the colors in this room... what a beautiful place to work! great inspiration for when i have the space one day to dedicate a whole room to my art. :)

    1. thank you, lovely ashton ~ i am happy to inspire :)

  6. love it love it love it. my studio space isn't even a reality yet but the space is there. it was my sixteen year old's room but he moved in with his grandparents recently and i have yet to claim his room entirely, though i have in theory and ethel is already in there, beckoning me to be okay with it all and claim the space necessary to create. becoming orderly and maintaining organization is important but there's a lot of emotional stuff i know the move will bring up for me - thanks for the reminder that it's the only essential stuff i need to hold on to <3

    1. dear valeri ~ such a powerful being you are. i am so happy miss ethel is blessing you with her sweetness ~ beckoning you ~ oooh, this gives me chills! thank you for your message ~ i relish it <3

      blessings to you, your space & journey!


  7. <3
    thank you and much love to you! i spent the last two days moving furniture and it's there, the space is there and everything else will follow <3

  8. Love your space- it's very inspiring! I have some moving,re-doing of my own that I really need to get started on.(I procrastinate) love your blog too :)


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