Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling The Expansive

I can hardly believe January is almost over! I've filled this month with some deep soul-searching, major dialoging, cataloging, trail following, exploring, photographing, writing, and sweeping up the scatters of so many things. I've made a happy-little-list of all the glorious lessons and experiences 2011 had to offer, and what I'd like to welcome in for the ever-expansive 2012. I will share it here soon, but for now I just wanted to say a big-whopping THANK YOU. Thank you for allllll your immense L O V E on my Cover Girl post.
 I am entirely, utterly, fantastically blessed by all of you -- true and deep friends, my soul sisters, my fellow passengers on this ride we call life. Daring, dreaming, dangerous WILD WOMEN and MEN. . . Glorious tears fill my eyes as I think about all the garbage I've left behind so I could step fully into *this life*. This true and beautiful, ever light, ever buoyant, ever unfolding life. I'm so glad I swung off the closet doors into the here & now, and climbed into the me I've always been. As I continue to clean out the shelves, and shake off old dust, I am completely thankful for alllll of it. Thank you for being here, for being a witness to my ever-evolving carousel. I am so deeply blessed by YOU.
More and more collages fill my space. . . Did you know the first collage I had made in a long looonnng time was Own Your Story? Truthfully, I was getting wayyy too comfortable in my process, always painting my girls. When this piece landed on the cover of Somerset Studios, not only was it a huge sign to really step into myself, really, truly, fully and completely, *Own My Story* and *Write*, but also h u g e confirmation of the *Magic* that happens when we step outside of ourselves, our routines, explore deeper, and truly listen to the messages that appear. When. We. Just. Show. Up. The universe is conspiring for our happiness, our blissful existences, our growth, our change, our EVERYTHING! I am so wide awake grateful to just simply exist and create and share and inspire. Hellooo!!!
"In The Realms of The Unreal" (Click image to view it in my shop)

"31" Original Available Soon!     


  1. happy birthday, carissa!
    i love this post!
    every scrumptious encouraging word!
    and i love to know that "own your story" was a step into a whole newnessness for you!
    oh my goodness, how that speaks to me!
    and of course that's the print of yours i have on the center of my drawing desk!
    i forever love all your art! and all your heart! that's the corniest ever, but so true!
    have a magical day, magical you!
    i love you so much.
    i wish we could meet for morning coffee/tea and both wear red shoes. XOXOX

  2. Beautiful beautiful art:O) happy Birthday and may today be filled with smiles and lots of CakE!!!!!:O)

  3. Loving your collages....there is something intriguing about the many layers. Go, go, go into the expansive new year! Oh, and aren't you another year older and wiser and funnier and just plain happier!? Happy Bday 2 u!

  4. Beautiful pieces of work. You are so talented dear carissa. I love watching you own your own story. You are stepping deeper and deeper into yourself and your dreams are opening up. Beautiful!

    How do you get your images onto your work like that? It looks awesome!!


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