Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Art / Art Dolls / Video Glimpse into my Creative Process

I've added quite a few new originals to the shop. A batch of affordable / collectible / original / mixed media pieces on Bristol paper. Check them out right here!

Introducing: the newest addition to the family -- Art Dolls! I've been visualizing these dolls in my head for quite some time. It was truly magical to have them come to life for the first time! They're made from salvaged linen, vintage fringe trim, feathers collected from the Florida beaches, paints, and mad-mad LOVE.

While making these the word "spirit doll" kept popping into my head. After looking it up, I believe these most certainly are Spirit Dolls. They've both been infused with incredible amounts of love, energy, meaning, and Spirit. Little Messengers! Eloise has already become an Aussie (how exciting). Margo is still patiently waiting for a Dreamer to come along who needs her magical powers -- find out more about the personal meaning for Margo (right here).

Last weekend (11-11-11) I met Goddess Doreen Virtue at the ICDI Conference. She's an intutitive angel and advised me to work outdoors, that everything in my life will be more magical if I do. She also called me "Fairy Girl", and said I'm surrounded by fairies. This has seriously come up 4 times this year by different intuitive people. Apparently I have fairies around me! Not sure if you believe in Fairies, they are essentially the same as Angels, but more Earthbound. They do sparkly fairy like magic. (I guess if I'm surrounded, I better learn more about them!) There was also a 3 hour talk by Wayne Dyer. He is INCREDIBLE to say the least. I left so full of emotion, so wide open, so incredibly WOW. The tears were flowing. I also heard Carolyn Myss, Collette Baron-Reid, Debbie Ford, and more! So many great teachers. I'm still processing it all. I'll share some of my notes and thoughts later!

Last but not least -- Here's a video I made this past Sunday, on a bit of a whim. I know the editing isn't perfect, but I had fun. Fun's what its all about! I wanted share glimpses into how my creative process works: Writing, dressing up, thrifted treasures, painting, playing, photographing, experimenting! Growing up I had a major infatuation with Mary Poppins, and watched the movie a zillioin times. Life was kind of crazy growing up, so a magical flying nanny with "A spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, in the most de-light-ful way" become a huge fantasy for me, soul food. Its where my creative sparks began. I recently discovered the old Walt Disney / Mary Poppins record from 1964 and was so thrilled. I came home and played it while I was working on the dolls above. See -- all this rambling ties in somehow. Anyway, I could ramble on. Hope you enjoy my little take on Mary Poppins.

 Happy Thanksgiving Friends / Family! I'm so gratefull for YOU and for all that you share and teach. Sending LOVE in WAVES.


  1. oh lady! These are SO great! I'm SO proud of you!!!

    much MUCH love,

  2. i think your art dolls are such a great next "thing" for you! i love them! and your video... hi, you! loved it. more, please! thankful that i know you, sweet c. xo, jen

  3. thank you! sending love to you <3

  4. watching you work...oh my goodness...i could do that all day....amazing!!! you are sparkle and shine. sending you lots of love!

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