Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pushing Past The Comfort Zone

Push Past The Comfort Zone. There is So Much Beyond.

Today I woke in a hazy funk carried over from yesterday's sudden onslaught of paranoia. It came rushing up out of nowhere and hit me around the stroke of midnight. It brought whiffs and slivers of I don't know what. Like sweet apple pie left out to cool, but on the window sill during a miserable hurricane. Or something like that. You know the kind? It's like some weary traveler at your door, hungry, tired, broke down, just needing a place to sleep. You think they'll be gone by morning, but they aren't. They just linger, and linger, until you listen long and hard to what they have to say.

After some caffeinated half-way decent conversation (with myself) through paint - I've decided I need to push harder against my comfort zone - there is so much beyond. Far and Yonder. Way past. I need to get out there and Go. These comfort zones are holding me down, keeping me small. I need to let myself be seen beyond the small scope I'm sharing. I need to walk naked, dance naked, be entirely bare.

After painting and dialoging I feel much, much better. I'm still pondering the full spectrum of my own Comfort Zones and how I can keep pushing past.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." 
Leonard Cohen

In other news: 
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Also, to accompany my writings in Self Love Warrior I'm offering up this doodle download! Feel free to print, cut up, paste, burn, whatever you want to do -- as long as you are Loving Yourself while you do it! (+.-)  --> Grab it here.

Sending Love and Light Legions, 

PS. There's a hurricane brewing off the coast and I just broke away to wash my painty hands in the rain! I dare you to do something invigorating & adventurous this week(end)! Something far beyond your comfort zone! I'd love to hear what you do <3


  1. find spaces in between..
    oh carissa, that image is
    you must have found it
    deep in those beautiful
    woods of yours.
    & those girls above, who
    you've painted, are WISE
    about pushing past your
    comfort zone...your message
    is TIMELY for me. i have
    just been asked to do so
    & am SO overwhelmed at the
    moment. far & yonder.
    LOVE to you from your
    naked sister. XOX

  2. Dearest sweet carissa, i really love your painting and this post is so inspiring! Loving that line "find spaces in between"! have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. That comfort zone can get so stifling when all you want to do is feel the breezes of fresh and new...
    Good job lovely girl!


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