Friday, June 17, 2011

Creative Frenzy: New Smash Ups

 Saddle Up This Wild Life - Print Available Here.

 This Wild Life - Print Available Here.

Dear Creative Creature, Saddle Up This WILD LIFE and RIDE! I've been digging through my Word Hoard again. I always find something inspiring to Mash Up. This time it spawned an entire movement of collages using snips of my own paintings as fodder. I've been digging deep this week & what appeared is just what I needed. When the words first came I had visions of sweet camels (like the one from this photo I found venturing around junk shops in Savannah.) I hadn't felt super inspired the past few days and this little wack-up of paintings was just what I needed to get back on the pony & ride. Weeeee!

Wild Life prints are in my shop (they look SO lovely in print!) I am so excited about these new pieces. The little Moon Dancer in the middle will be finished soon. And I have more words smashed, waiting to be colored & collaged!

On my agenda over the next week or so is getting my WORD HOARD organized. It's out of control! I have lots of other new & exciting things to share soon...

Happy Friday!


  1. YOU ROCK!!!!!
    Love these new things!
    *(and YOU.)

  2. Hi carissa!Love these new pieces, especially the top one! I like the words..such great advice!!
    I hope your well and happy friday!!

  3. can you hear me
    all the way from mn?!!!!
    i am cra ha azy
    about saddle up!
    & because
    i am wild,
    i will not
    contain my joy
    but instead
    ride it!!!!!!!
    i love ewe,
    brilliant one!

  4. i'm right next to our sister are riding high my sweet!!

    these are INCREDIBLY DEEEELISH!!!!!

    i am in love with the moon dancer....she's stunning!!!

    you go, fly, fly!!!


  5. Super Fun!! Love!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Jenny

  6. You're blog, Your work...... MAGNIFICENT!!! I love it over here. You are so talented and what an eye for color and design. Great stuff. I really like what you are putting out. It's awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by. I will be back for more of this wonderfulness for sure.

  7. Carissa! You are crazy talented! Love your stuff hugely!


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