Tuesday, May 3, 2011

At Home With MySelf

Falling in love with life......

Hello Friends.... My how time flies! A lot has unfolded since my last update... I'll try to keep this short & sweet! Every Friday I get up and drive over to my most favorite yoga center in the world. It's a place I know will never disappear. A solid ground that will never give way. A place which will always be. HOME. This particular day I decided to sit in the gardens after class. Just to sit, reflect, & witness the beauty. I've been so extremely grateful for the decision to quit the soul-less job & the way things have locked in & felt SO RIGHT. The creative flood gates opening wide & all the magical people & creatures I'm encountering in my day-to-day life are sure signs I'm on the right path.... There have been too many signs for me to even begin to blow-off or ignore as just happenstance. I am feeling increasingly light & buoyant... I've just put to words what this all means to me now --

I AM at home with myself...
After walking many paths...... I am finally at home with myself.

I sat there absorbing the plants & air. Noticing an earthy little lizard fellow, sitting right next to me, just so matter-of-factly eating a delicious bee. Right then & there I was struck with this big truth I come to time & time again - everything we ever need on our paths will be provided, EVERYTHING (good, bad, or indifferent)... Everything is nourishing us. Step by glorious step. So I left with this feeling of certainty & overall well being... Pure excitement for what lies ahead. On the way home I had to stop at the art store to replenish my paper for prints. While there I got an email from Mary, the manager of The Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery in Sanford. She wanted to purchase a print of "Explore" and have it delivered to the gallery where they were having their monthly art walk! I was over-the-moon... I love Mary & I love this gallery... Its one of the first touchstones that inspired me to ever pick up a paint brush in the first place. Delivering prints here was a proud moment indeed. Mary gifted me with such genuine heartfelt feedback. It meant so much to me... and inspired me greatly. Yet another precious stone in my path... (Thank you Mary!)

That same night we went to another little street show in downtown Deland. The 4th Friday of every month "The Nest" hosts a little mini-street-festival. While tip-toeing around The Florida Victorian (my favorite treasure hunting haunt IN THE WORLD) I ended up meeting and falling in love with Anna Tomczak who kindly invited me to her 100+ year old house & studio for some easter egg painting. I will share pictures from her place in a separate post. It's a dream studio I tell you, a dream!

In other news.... People have been asking about originals... I'm happy to say I've loaded up the shop with all NEW originals. AND-and-and I'm going to be offering a sale very soon on certain originals to make roooooom so I can vroooom around my studio & make more art. If you want to be first to know, sign up for my wee-little-newsletter in the upper right! Otherwise, just keep an eye on my shop/blog/twitter/facebook/what-have-you.

Sending you much love & windows of airy goodness,


  1. Home is where the heart is and yours is beating so big and loud and beautiful, Carissa. So happy all your travels are leading you right back to...you.

  2. i am LOVING watching your life evolve through your artwork! and your new header is fantastic!

  3. you are the cutest....such a beautiful soul shining bright from the inside out.

    this post made me so happy...so happy to hear of all the goodness you are encountering on your path.

    so happy to hear of your art touching others and others appreciating your endless talents.

    so happy you are home with you.

    i adore you sweets

  4. Oh man, this is sooooo full of goodness. I am so happy for you, sweet Carissa Soul-Sister of mine :) Yay for doing what you know is right in your heart, finding new friends and opportunities, and being at home with yourself.

    Sending lots of love and wishes for more more more goodness,

  5. you deserve awesomeness, and i'm so glad it's coming to you! xo

  6. miss carissa with the sassy pink hair....you . are . love.
    and a little red bird told me so.

  7. sweetheart,
    you ARE original.
    oh, yes, home.
    i recall dance/swinging around the livingroom to the song you looove "home..."!
    i'm loving to hear of peeps loving your art.
    i see this growing gRowing gRoWiNG!
    i kiss the hearts on your head.
    loooove ewe! xoxox

  8. OMG you are amazing! Your spirit and outlook on life motivate and inspire me.

  9. This is almost too beautiful - I am filled with happiness for you. How I wish I could find that place... I'll keep on looking.
    Oh and you have a yoga place nearby - I would love that and need it too - the closest is about 3 hrs drive away; I can't drive - hahahaha
    Namaste xxx

  10. I LOVE your pretty pink hair...and pretty YOU.
    Much love,

  11. A wonderful post with great news which is once again so very inspiring! And I wanted to tell you that I love your typewriter print (as well as the explore print) and I put a link to your lovely little Etsy shop in my new post about analog photography and typewriters:-)

    Love to you


  12. welcome home!
    i adore you.
    this is all a basket of huge gigantic carissa wonderfulness!
    hugging you SOOOOOOON.

  13. i love your paintings!!!!!!!!!
    pretty days nessa


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