Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Paintings

Be Free - print available here. Original available sooon!
Edith - Print available here. Original available soon!

I have so much catching up to do in blogland! I took a bit of a internet break of sorts and have spent a lot of time working on my innards. Now that I'm out of the woods... I have so much goodness to share. Starting with my trip to Savannah! It's such a lovely town. We are pretty sure our goal is to move there next. I will share pics & stories soon.

For now, here's a few new paintings I made recently. I've been really trying to make art I love (not worrying who else might love it too) and rifling through all the goodies I've collected in my studio for so long now. Letting it all unfold instinctively and following the story as it unfolds and letting it heal me and speak to my soul, my personal story. Each of these has a bit of a hidden meaning... and I hope they speak to you in your own personal way too.

Love love love to YOU & YOURS...


  1. hi loooove!!!
    oh i love these soooo!
    & i love your names, like edith!!! eeeeee!
    & i am out of my mind for inside out!...
    dyno-mite! fireworks gorgeous!
    & i'm so intrigued w/hidden meanings!
    & welcome, dear you, from emerging out of the woods! oh sister, i am SO in the woods in my dreamlife these days...all so fascinating!
    i love ewe!!!!

  2. lov you new header photos...the girls look great..collage is so versatile!

  3. Love these Carissa!! Your style is great! And I know what you mean about creating art you love rather than what you think others will like. I struggle with that at times myself. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. mmmmmmm.....i am loving all your new works.
    your paintings make me smile. and bring such a
    peace to my day. saving!!!!

  5. Just as I went to type thank you love to you all, the clouds opened up & a big warm ray of sun hit my face. That is exactly what I wanted to say... Thank you for warming my face (and heart...)


  6. I have always heard that Savannah is, looking forward to your pictures! :) Love the, so pretty & I always love your soft colors. Have a beautiful weekend Carissa!

  7. Loving these new girls Carissa, especially Edith!
    Keep following your instincts and creating art you love, we love it too♥

  8. These pieces are soooo beautiful! I just love them. Thank you for sharing. Very moving and stunning!!


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