Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Can Stitch Together Pieces

Dearest Friends,

With Valentines upon us, and all the heart related things floating about, it got me thinking about Love Letters. Today I dug up a letter I wrote last year (here: Plant Your Seeds.) Its intended to be a Love Letter from The Universe written without editing or erasing or going back and changing. It all just came out as so and ended up feeling like a Universal Letter to All, so I shared it here. When I first met my Dear friend Rachel she pulled out a sweetly folded up copy of this letter.... I hadn't had a chance to go back and re-read it myself until that point (months later) and so it was a real treat to read with fresh eyes. I thought it may be due time I share it again here. I took parts of it and painted my bedroom wall last year (the white painted bits above.) I plan to paint my bedroom a lighter color this year with new Fresh Love Words... who knows.

You are a bright and shining star. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

I have another love letter somewhere in my scatters... I will try to find in lieu of Valentines Day.

I'm off to Savannah until Sunday! I plan to hit some thrift shops and thoroughly enjoy the entire city!! Lots of pics to come.

 All my HeART, 


  1. So, so wonderful... thank you for sharing your beautiful letter.
    Have a wonderful time thrift store shopping - enjoy!

  2. Lovely, I love those kind of love letters! Have a wonderful time~ Can't wait to see you pics. xo Theresa

  3. i looove those white painted bits!
    & oh yes! i remember taking out that
    InspIred letter!
    i loooooooove ewe!!! xoxox

  4. i bought an old typewriter and haven't yet cleaned it up or figure out how to display it. loved seeing that you put a feather and photo in yours.

    i love your banner!

  5. I am loving your stitch together pieces!! Very beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time at Savannah! So glad i took some time out from packing madness to visit you here! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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