Monday, May 17, 2010

Plant your seeds.

"...when we plant new seeds in the form of bigger more expansive dreams for ourselves – the first thing that comes up is not the beautiful tender green sprout. The first thing that comes up? The dirt." -Christine Kane

Ahh, dirt. . . It's so easy to become buried isn't it? I read thiscouldn'tbemoreperfect post by Christine and it hit me - this is what I'm experiencing lately, the quintessential dirt as I start to see the light. I'm definitely feeling the dirt! But I refuse to let it win over me. I see old-familiar-habits trying to move in, but really, they just aren't welcome here. I've worked through things in layers, so it feels my latest dirt is mixed with realizations from years past and rotated into my current garden. I see myself less apt to let the weeds grow too wild, but I must take heed and keep resharpening my tools if I want to keep from drowning.

I needed a pick-me-up so I wrote this love letter to myself, but I really feel like it's written for you too. A universal love letter to the world, to all my special friends:

Dearest You,

I want you to know how special and loved you are, because I know it's easy to forget. You ARE a bright and shining star. You always have been, you always will be. You radiate a presence beyond words, and have great power to influence others. You soulfully bestow your goods unto the Universe and the Universe opens WIDE to deliver all the roads you could ever imagine. You have within you the power to save not only yourself, but those around you if you just open yourself to ALL THAT YOU ARE and embrace your birthright. Everything is here at your fingertips. You can stitch together pieces and messages to hang like banners. You can blow winds and change time. You can shine light or create safe shadows. Breathe in to your protection, breathe out to all that is - truth. Sit still, relax deeply into your observations and you will find many answers. Let loose from old notions and soar past empty desires. Follow-follow-follow wherever your heart leads, but more importantly trust in yourself and you will move mountains. You will jump off cliffs into crisp healing oceans, and ride waves with fearless abandon. You will fly atop wildly beautiful dragons and train yourself to know - you are all of these things.

With Love,

The Universe


  1. dearest, inspiredest, fearless abandonest, carissa,
    your love letter
    is my breakfast
    this morning.
    i sit on the dirt
    with my spoon
    & am letting
    thank you
    madly truly deeply.
    that's it! i'm adding
    you to my blogroll
    now. xoxox

  2. powerful, powerful message from wise YOU!!!

    this is my breakfast this morning as well.
    i sit and soak in your words as i drink my first cup of coffee
    and hear the hustle and bustle of my kids getting ready for school.

    i love visiting your blog and i love all the goodness and light that
    you have to spread.

    thank YOU.
    thank YOU.
    thank YOU.

    big hugs


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