Friday, October 1, 2010

Thoughts that go vroom

car pic by : khulsey
The first thoughts when I awoke this morning were The Power of our Spoken Words. Little hints have been placed in my path lately (books, strangers, friends,) bringing me back to the realization that all the things I tell myself effect my entire being. Whether its subtle, "I don't know what to do about this. . . " Or HUGE, "I can't do anything right." We've all had our days where we're hard on ourselves! But it doesn't help if we vocalize, or make bold statements proclaiming all sorts of negative things about ourselves or our situation. It just draws more negative energy. If we adjust our language a little and use powerful words like, "I k n o w there's this amazingjustrightforme solution out there, I will find it! (and it will be a FUN adventure!") We draw in support from the Universe w/ action words! I'm not sure where the idea of "action" words just came from, but my boyfriend is reading a lot about sales, so perhaps that's where I'm absorbing it. Talking to him about sales has opened me up a lot to the idea of "selling ourselves on ourselves" and owning our own individual genius. When I think about sales (not the sleazy kind of sales, the true something you need and must buy kind,) I realize the whole nuance of "selling" comes about by spreading out the best options and letting the buyer "choose" whats best suited. In most instances you help guide them, but they essentially "sell themselves." No hard selling or wacky song and dance. (i am not a sales-guru, this is just my take)

So all this sales biz-nass got me thinking about how our internal world works, because I can't help but to always be drawn to making these connections. I'm starting to think when it comes to mentoring and all things self-healing, or self-love related - it's all about Selling Yourself on Yourself! By-God you are the best damn package in the Universe. Lord knows you're fully loaded w/ brilliant ideas, luxury packages, navigation systems, rear cameras, and satellite radio. You've even got a little turbo-boost in your trunk! So!! How do you sell yourself when you're having a weaker day / week / month / year, and you just can't find your mojo? THIS, this is exactly what I'm working on in my pretty head, but I think it has a lot to do w/ subtlety. Imagine you are some sort of confused buyer, standing there unsure of what to do. Wouldn't it be nice to make a pamphlet about YOU, or have someone help if you're not thinking clearly, and in those moments whip it out ---> Ooooo - Aaaaahhhhh! Look at all your super-amazing features!!! Even add ones you'd like to have, but don't yet (like a cottage by the sea!) Use your Sweet Language, and whatever else you may need to get back to the place where you sit down, sign on the dotted line, drive off w/ your top down, your cute little mojo hat, and fly straight into your genius!

Thoughts that go Vroooooom! I'm still thinking on this! ;)
Thanks for reading. Happy Friday! Have a safe weekend!
Love + Light,

Disclaimer: Always wear your safety belt!


  1. I think you're really on to something - I love the idea of a "pamphlet about YOU". (Who doesn't need a reminder every now and then... and a tangible thing, that you can hold in your hands and read... Brilliant.)

    I'm so glad I found your blog :)

  2. I love the pamphlet idea too! We should all just carry around brochures and hand them out...but we'd need a cheap printer, because that hand-out would always be changing and evolving if we're doing this life-thing right! :)

  3. What a great blog post Carissa *
    Have you heard of 'Notes from the Universe' over on ?
    Lovely little daily notes that celebrate your bad-assness! Plus it's a kick in the pants to see "The Universe" as a sender : )
    Happy October 1st !!

  4. I'm loving this idea Carissa! I need to make a Jenny pamphlet. ♥


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