Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Chronicle: Odd facts and Sage Towns.


Good-Day Friends,

Hope your week has wrapped up well. Today I left my phone behind and ventured to the thrift store, drove around exploring, and just took the day as it came. The town I live in is really just a gigantic neighborhood, but a mere 10 min's away I can find scenery that makes my heart come alive. I can't say I regret moving here, but I sometimes regret picking a house on the corner. The bigger backyard is nice, but (here comes the odd fact) would you believe I pick up a grocery bag full of trash every time we cut the grass? Some of the strangest things end up in our yard. By far the strangest yet was -- drum roll please -- a used baby diaper. Isn't that special! I'm just trying to picture how it happened. I can only imagine it was purely accidental, right? Lol. All I know is, I felt a tad-bit-strange disposing of it. Dog poo is one thing, but a baby diaper? I mean, I live in Central Florida where couches and refrigerators end up in the middle of I-4. And in my yard you will find such odd things as, a baby diaper.

I tell you folks, there's never a dull moment at this house on the corner.

Now that I've shared such an odd fact with you (and hopefully haven't scared you off,) here's some pretty pictures I took today while walking around a little ol' town called Cassadaga:

Look! That's a winged seat on the left! And check out that gigantic bird house on the right!

Ain't it grand'?

About Cassadaga: I don't know the actual details of Cassadaga's history. Depending on who you ask, there's a lot of mystery surrounding the history and birth of this town. Basically, it's a "Spiritualist Community" or "Spiritualist Camp" as their sign says. It's a little town tucked in the hills and filled with Mediums, Mystics, Psychics, Indians, Spiritual Folk, Healers and the like. I'm wishing I would have taken better pictures to share the center of the town, like the bookstore/gift shop, but this time I focused on the cute houses. I planned on a brief stop for incense, but decided to wander around. Next time I'll give you a grand tour. I love to drive through here! Oh and the town has so many spiritual kitties too ;P

I love the sound of gravel!

As I was sauntering back toward the car, I saw this:

As I paused to take this shot a little boy who looked to be 9 or 10 wearing a striped shirt like my own, but in blue, came walking up bouncing a small rubber ball w/ a canvas messenger bag across his chest. When he got closer he said in the most animated, curious tone, "Hey! Watcha doing?" I said, "Oh, just enjoying the scenery taking pictures. . . Do you live here?" He replied, "Yep, my house is right over there. . ." and he pointed just pass these trees. I said, "You must like it here, huh? It's a beautiful place to be." He sort of chuckled and said, "Yeah, it's nice." Then he emphasized, "It's very QUIET." I laughed and said, "That's nice, quiet is good." He said, "Yup." We both went our separate ways and I turned to say, "Have a nice weekend kid," as he was saying, "Bye! Have a nice day." So here's my Friday Message (Friday is when I always go searching for answers.) Above the bench, between the trees, and behind the trail that leads to the messenger boy's house:

"Have a nice weekend, Kid."


  1. good morning dear!
    i love
    taking the day as it comes days!
    i love walking forward
    with an open heart
    & open hands
    & remembering that
    gifts are always
    before us
    & saying thank you
    is always
    within us
    & i adore
    the message
    that came to you
    & i love
    what YOU
    plant in your heart.
    it is so easy
    to walk forward
    in your blog
    beside you
    with an open heart
    & hands
    because there are
    always great message boards/gifts
    found here too!

  2. Okay, I got two great messages today. Yours and Rachel's!!!

    What a lovely day you had!!

  3. ...this was such an AWESOME post carissa dear.
    i loved it. it took me away for awhile and i loved the story of the little boy.
    you should write for a living too, as well as all the other wonders you have in your bag of tricks.
    i love your photos. i am a photo girl too...(as you might know if you saw all the photos i took of northern cal recently on my blog)
    i have never been to florida.
    i love that you gave me a tasty morsel of what you are surrounded with
    baby diapers and all.
    huge hugs dear one


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