Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A peek into my madness

After laughing in the general direction of THIS madness for some time, I finally rolled up my sleeves and got busy making some progress in here. About an hour later the room looks like this:

It's progress :) The bookshelf is a new addition (previously in another room.) I'm off to work some more! I'm struck with a cleaning streak and must take myself up on the offer ;P


  1. Carissa,

    i am SOOOOO loving your book shelf
    which looks like a little it???

    look how much you accomplished in
    one hour?!?!

    you go girl!!!!
    love the sweet butterflies beautifully strung!

    thank you for giving us a little peak into your "madness"!!

    happy cleaning sweets!


  2. Thanks Kolleen :P It looks like a little boat, but it's not a real boat. I think it's supposed to either hang on the wall or at one point came with a stand. I found it at the thrift store and couldn't resist :)

    It was all just a bunch of shifting around of things. You should see the pile-o-mess that's still there! lol

    Thanks for the smooches and encouragement :)

  3. Well it looks like you are accomplishing your madness, Every girl has this! I love your new shelf.Have fun,maybe you'll find a buried treasure.

  4. Yea! I love your re-organized-not-as-messy-mess! I've been working on a similar process in my art studio. I can't believe some of the stuff I found in there! Real treasures, to be sure. Party on, Wayne!

  5. oooh, this is a good reminder
    of how we can get a lot done
    when we roll up our sleeves
    & how we must be in the madness
    to come through to
    i love seeing
    your collection
    of cool stuff
    & am always
    so happy
    to see
    a new post
    from you!
    lots of love.

  6. i just had to drop in
    & share with my sweet friend in lingering
    that i recently created an art piece
    about orange blossoms!
    (i'll likely post it in july).
    i'm smelling it with ya, sista!

  7. I love this, it looks inviting, creative, warm, and unique! I wonder what butterflies mean to you...I love butterflies and feel a strong presence of a passed grandmother when one comes to visit me. Love and light - Amy Lee

  8. Buffy, Ahoy!

    Lezli, Party on Garth!;D

    Amy Lee,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I know how important grandmothers are! As a child I was always drawn to butterflies. As an adult I love them still, especially their symbolism :)

    How delicious! I will linger in the anticipation and think of you as I smell the breeze here!

    I love your blog too! Your stories are incredible. Thank you :D


  9. Love that your mannequin wears a lampshade!
    Digging your boat shelf and the picture of Marilyn.
    And that stack of suitcases makes me curious....what's in there? Ha!

  10. just poppin in to say "hi"!!!!

    happy friday beauty!

  11. Hi there Kolleen!!! Happy Friday to YOU too :D

    Thank you Tracie :) The yellow suitcase is filled with vintage slips, blue is filled with scattered bits, and red is empty waiting to be filled :)

  12. Ohh...ladies! It's even PRETTIER and MORE inspiring in REAL LIFE!! :D

    <3<3 and smiles to you!
    JEN!! :D


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