Sunday, April 4, 2010

Smiles for Miles

Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice Easter Weekend! I've been working around the house trying to get things more orderly. I still made time to
p l a y
A new painting:

A journal in progress:

In case you're wondering, the weekends are my busiest creative time. All the projects I start during the week get put together or worked on more during the weekend. Right now I work Mon -Fri, but beginning this week I will have Friday's off. That gives me 3 whole days to focus and "boogie on my dream." This time will be huge for me. I always get more done when I'm home alone. I bask in my alone time! A lot of my time this month is going to be spent resting and relaxing and treating myself well before and during Dream Boogie. I'm starting now by eating light and wholesome food, and making myself this journal which will also be used to re-explore myself through Gut Art and record my thoughts before and during Dream Boogie. The Universe is smiling on me I tell ya'. And I'm smiling right back.

Must clear space in my heart and mind!

I bought the "How to Make Books" book. This is my first attempt at making an art journal book with a hand stitched binding. It's so fulfilling to put together your very own journal with papers of your choosing. My fingers actually hurt from pulling the needle through so much. I'm going to make a self-exploration journal once a month or as needed - because the act of doing this is incredible!

I hope you all had a p l a y f u l weekend! What fun things did you do?


  1. Hey boogie girl....
    you have some SERIOUS DO KNOW THIS RIGHT?
    im am always in awe everytime you post something new.
    i love your journal page with OWN YOUR WAY. i wish i was sitting in yoga doing that pose right this minute and OWNING it.
    good push, thank you!
    Also, i have to tell you that im tickled that you got out the chalk and drew on the ground.
    the "cat nap" was purrrrrrrfect. (sorry, could,t help the cheesyness of it)
    and you "leaping"
    great photo.
    happy new 4 day week to you dear carissa paige!

  2. chrissy, you have been the sweetest most inspiring person. i struggle with fears and things, like a lot of people, hiding my voice. but no more of that bizness ;) i am grateful to have "met" you because you are utterly genuine and warm. and you ooze with awesomeness!

    many thanks and love,

  3. All fun stuff, and now you have an extra day for more fun!! :D

  4. Carissa I love your journal,I love the papers sticking out,when journals are overflowing with papers and ribbons it always makes me want to open it. I also love your girl. Beautiful.

  5. Wonderful stuff going on here!!!

  6. You are a very talented artist! I love the photos of the cats with your chalkings surrounding them. And thanks for the link for the bookmaking book. I've been wanting to try my hand at this and put it on my Amazon wish list for now.
    I've bookmarked your blog and will be adding you to my links page soon so I'll remember to come and read often.
    Take care and enjoy those creative Fridays!

  7. Hey all, thanks so much for all the love. I had so much fun making this journal.

    Crystal, I think you'll enjoy the bookmaking book! It has a lot of different techniques and ideas to get your juices flowing.


  8. Hi...popping over from the gut art your fun!!!


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