Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Navigating Away From Fear

Bb i s f o r Beanie Propeller

Hello friends, I'm writing at the eve of dream boogie. I've been a little quiet lately, taking time to reflect and dig through my messes in search for answers and signs. I realized something huge today - I've been afraid to talk too much about my glorious dreams because I'm afraid that if I talk about them too much, I will scare them away. I've been smothering my own progress with f e a r and a whole lot of ridiculousness. More thoughts on this another time...

At the end of last year i was ready to embrace writing. After years of denial, I'm ready to wave my pen and paper flag because, "I'm madly in love with writing." I may not be any good at it (technically) but the act of writing is like a deep breath for me. It's true. Others called me a writer far before my feeble mind came around to realizing. I even bought a notebook recently at the Dollar Store and the cashier plainly asked, "Are you a writer?" I was completely blown away, because even SHE, this stranger, seemed to know while I'm afraid to admit it. I paused for a second and quickly said "Yes!" My journals are my best damn friends & they've never left my side.

writer -
a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc., to writing: especially while exploring the wild blue yonder, forgetting about the rigid rules of society, and carving out their own path.

(this is my embellished version of webster's.)

In December I ordered juicy pens thirsty paper. SARK always nurtures any movements I decide to make creatively or otherwise. I was desperately checking the mail every day, feeling a lot like Calvin (and Hobbes) when he sent off for his beanie propeller. I still remember the smile on my grandfather's face as he was passing me clips from that series. The Sunday Funnies were our ritual. These memories and this new found inspiration fill me with enormous cleansing tears. I emailed SARK a little message just saying how excited I was and how I felt like Calvin waiting for his beanie propeller. I didn't expect a response, but she sent a little line in return that ended with "happy beanie propeller to you..." which touched my heart. She's great like that.

Calvin orders his sparkly beanie propeller

I believe our dreams have their own direction and purpose and unfold when they're meant to. They whirl and propell us even if we're clumsy, misguided or completely in denial. We must wear them, wave them, and go out into the world bravely. No more hiding!

Bathe in the Beautiful Bold Brave Bodacious Babe that you are!

Trust in your glorious dreams!

with love,

ps. i'm sorry about the wacky fonts. i can't seem to fix the issue here. i made the past few posts in the new blogger (beta version i think.) if anyone knows why all the fonts won't stay uniform please let me know :)


  1. Okay...this can't be a coincidence! This is like the 3rd or 4th post I've read in the past few days mentioning SARK...eek... I really need to get reading I suppose. BTW I love Calvin and Hobbes...haha! I also have pretty weird dreams and unexplainable...but when I concentrate on them, suddenly I don't have them anymore - bizarre!

  2. I TOTALLY LOVE that beanie sequence in Calvin & Hobbes. My favorite part was when he received the beanie and was bummed to find out it wouldn't make him fly. -- In keeping with your beanie dream flight metaphor, this makes me think... I guess it takes more than the beanie to make us fly in the end -- we need a dash of faith to make those propellers spin - and a kick from our own legs to LIFT OFF! Hmmm... I get quite philosophical when it gets toward midnight :)
    I LOVE your art, by the way!! You bodacious babe, you! :)

  3. hey wfedan, thanks for stopping in and adding your midnight thoughts! i welcome your midnight thoughts - or any thoughts you have - anytime :) you are SO right in what you said! you certainly got my propeller spinning ;) thank you!

    hey linda, hmmm, maybe you should look into it! follow the trails and signs! hugs to you ;)

  4. i love the wacky fonts and the wacky way that life and dreams and manifestations all come to fruition in the way that they were meant to...
    i also LOVE your writing write write write away.
    loves to you.

  5. This is great Carissa. I just ended up taking the plunge and joined Dream Boogie. I am really excited/nervous. It was the last couple of days to join. Very excited. See you there!

  6. how i adore navigating away from fear & that sweet crowning propeller is just the ticket (& her heart). i looooove your illustration.


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