Little ol' me. 

I'm an Intuitive Voyager, Artist, and Writer.

I experience everything as a Voyage. My Intuition leads me on.

I paint. I draw. I photograph. I have been taking self-portraits and dressing up / creating characters / posing for pictures since I can first recall. Self-portraiture is a deep portal for me to reflect, to heal, to grow.

I am 33. No matter my age.

I will never be too old. To play.

On Deeper Waves

I have retrieved and healed my SOUL many-many times. My Original Medicine / my creative process is something I've known since birth and used to overcome many-a-hurdle. Over this span I have learned that: No one can take your magic. No one can steal your shoes. And if they do, walk barefoot.

Rebel With A Cause

I come from hard knocks, but always saw the beauty in it. I roamed. A lot. I was a teenage run-away. When I was 15 I lived in an old abandoned Victorian home.... for 4 weeks. It was the most beautiful and sad home I have ever known. I still miss it. That same year I found a tree house in the middle of the woods by my Grandparents house... and moved in. I fully decorated it with posters, blankets, candles. Thrift store couture. Creative seeds. I dug a fire pit and cooked my own meals. Self-sufficient. Independent. I had a bit of a crush on Henry David Thoreau and so I wanted to escape this crazy world and live deliberately too . . . . And So It Was. . . . My own little heaven.

"Though she be but little, 
she is fierce" 

From Dark to Light 

I began digging into my psyche at a fever pitch, age 20. That same year I discovered Kundalini Yoga. This was the beginning of my FIRST HUGE SHIFT. My awakening. Over the years I've read countless self-help books. I am fascinated with Jungian thought waves and writers who are on those. Dr. Estes has been like a Fairy Godmother to me these last 5 years. There is so much more. . .

On painting

I began diving into painting again after being magnificently fired from an office job, which is an entire story. . . but i wound up in tears on the beach, meeting a mystical man who told me my future. Never really knowing how it was all unfolding, I worked at a resort on the beach for 4.5 years as an Activities Coordinator coming up w/ FUN Adventures and having full access to an entire room of craft supplies. I painted treasure boxes, seashells, starfish, and tote bags with CHILDREN ALL DAY. This moved me deeply and I began to REMEMBER who I am. The rest is history.

Owl, Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Eagle, Sandhill Crane, and on and on. Whoever appears. I listen deeply.

Beyond all the old tales. . . . old stories. . . old selves. I AM HERE. It's been a Voyage. I thank holy-everything for my Intuition, my Art, my Writing.  Each thread has saved me. 
I am always-always-always stepping into my Self more deeply, more Truly than ever. No more chains.
Let my 
freedom ring

 I teach powerful and transformative workshops online and in person. It is my greatest gift and deepest joy to share and inspire. 

And I'm only getting started. 

Maybe this is more than you wanted to know. But. There. You. Have it.


  1. I loved reading all of this about you - makes me feel closer to you and your creations. You are an inspiration to those of us (me) who have played it safe for most of our lives.


  2. Wow, Carissa! I enjoy your art, but I REALLY love knowing these parts of your story that you chose to share! Beautiful and wonderful! All of the pieces that make up "you."

  3. YOU-ness - High & Holy - Lifted Art of Your own Creating . . YOU have given me new direction - which i intend to follow - Thank You for Sharing Light.

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing story.. beautiful, light-filled, POWERFUL y.o.u. <3

  5. Words to express my gratitude to each of you have completely escaped me.. I am immensely grateful. Thank you!

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