Friday, January 20, 2017

Unicorn for Self Empowerment (the backstory)

"Unicorn For Self Empowerment" from Over the Rainbow series

His / Her Backstory:: While I made this (totally unplanned unicorn) piece, the word that kept coming over and over seemed a bit odd at first -- shanks. My first thought was Shawshank Redemption. The meaning fell together as I was driving around later. It hit me that a shank is something you might make while imprisoned, to protect yourself, right? I realized his horn is sort of like a shank, but NOT in a defensive or harmful sense. It's something he's whittled away and manifested with the power of his own positive thinking and belief in himself as a magnificent creature. He / she went from an imprisoned state of dis-belief to a completely empowered sense of knowing. This unicorn is  all about self empowerment + useful for cutting through tangles, or inner lies, or negativity, so that you can pin down your Truth. and Claim Your Power. 

D e t a i l s 
16x20 ORIGINAL on Canvas / signed, sealed, ready to hang


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