Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Soul Pond. Light-work. Diving Deep.

Around here lately --- We've been diving into so many tasks. From making big decisions around Casa De Whimsy to making the same kinds of inspections and upgrades to our inner-house / cells / belief systems. It's easy to get so laser focused on the up-close version of our reality, that we miss whats unfolding right before our eyes. Working on zooming out more and remembering our bigger visions simply take time to unfold, and there will inevitably be snags along the way. Casa De Whimsy is teaching us that, right now. 
Theres been a lot of talk about moving closer to nature (for the longest time), though we feel called to stay rooted here longer. Thankfully, we aren't far from the places that refuel us (ie: the springs above.) In the spirit of creating what you most need to find -- a backyard garden is on our short list of goals for 2017. The reality is getting closer and closer as teachers and classes have been appearing left and right. Amazing how the universe responds in kind to our sincerest wishes and inquiries, isn't it? Aiming to start small with a couple raised beds... Wish us luck! ;)
On other tides -- the world is getting crazier and it's shadows are looming larger. . . I know. All of the inner-work and spiritual deep-dives we've done over the years has prepared us. All of us. For this. To know (or uncover) exactly who we are and what we offer as Light-workers, deep-divers, humans. To officially sign our names on that registry. To resist all the lies and rhetoric. To resist walling ourselves off from our purpose, or tuning in to the loud fears that would prefer we stay small, safe, silent. Now would be a good time to zoom in close, because when we zoom out at the massive scale of tragedy across the world -- we could have a tendency to feel overwhelmed or too small to make a difference, (which is lies, all lies.) The main focus is on showing up in every area we can, micro and macro, with our whole hearts. And keeping the clutter out, making sure our power isn't leaking. . . Ya' feel me?? 

Hope you are managing these waves of transition with all your might and light. Here is a little Life-Raft to help you float when the heaviness gets to you.. . . . seriously. . . . I feel + love you. 

Some new art 
available this week 
Grateful for the glory of Light upon Waking . . .  

Last but not least, a new piece thats almost finished. . . Thinking about leaving her faceless.

Everything I've been creating lately has been feeling like smaller "studies" of a much larger reality and transformation thats been unfolding.

Off to zoom out. Wayyyyy out.
With Love to You, Always.
Wherever You Are.

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