Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear 2016: Dream Seeds + deepening + miracles

If 2015 taught me anything in sum, it’s this :: You are inherently perfect, just as you are. 

With 7 stitches across my toes: I hopped into 2015 on one foot fearing I was damaged beyond repair… Oh it’s a long story, but in that downtime the word Sea-change ("a profound or notable transformation") was delivered. It became my touchstone and truly foreshadowed every-thing-that-followed… Fire was the element that chased me (and I it) as I leapt into a Transformational Pond. The Phoenix Process came for a lot of us, and wow, it was scorching, uncomfortable, frightening, exhilarating, and highly personal. Theres seems to be this desolate in-between where we have done our work, but can’t yet see the horizon — or how beautiful the aftermath will be. In my experience, it’s always been bigger, brighter, and surprisingly more simple than I realize. 

You have everything you need + need everything you have. 

Every experience, every poison apple, every deep wound, every little radiant dream that keeps coming back to you is an opportunity. . . To Deepen Your Truth. To respond. To rumble. To roar. To roll down itchy hills into big piles of perfectly raked leaves. To toss perfect into the air. To get uncomfortable (as you grow). To run through sprinklers. To slide down slides. To dance ridiculously. To scream from the depths of your core — I am here, I am here. And believe it. 

This year, I tip-toed in to 2016 without a guiding word — and again, one found me:: Deepening. 

I am here, fully devoted to Deepening my Voice. I have travelled a great distance, and now, to simply allow myself the time and space to expand upon what I’ve already found = my #1 goal. 

Mistakes may be Miracles in disguise 

A deep thread recently revisited me:: probably because I have finally cleared THE WAY. My longstanding dream seed, is becoming more & more real. . . . 

2016 is my year to rumble + deepen + expand upon what I’ve found. Thanks to the many helpers and guides and healers along the way. . . I am ready, and humbled, and staking my claim. 

Sending BIG LOVE and all GREEN LIGHTS. 

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