Sunday, August 9, 2015

NEW e-course: Messy Mavens: She Found Her Own Pulse

Massive News for all you Magnificent and Messy Mavens out there

Hello from the Wilderness, my friends! I have been on a wild and wondrous journey. I'm back with some massive and exciting news for you. My newest e-course, Messy Mavens: She Found Her Own Pulse, is pulsing and ready to be born. Today I am celebrating and preparing for the arrival with incredible amounts of joy and vulnerability, knowing this is one of the biggest boldest moves I am making to date. It's already such a special program, and continually growing deeper. There are some pretty liberating (and maybe shocking) surprises at the end. I can hardly wait to share this Intuitive Voyage in Paint with you. 

Are you ready? I am beyond ready. Messy Mavens is a culmination of my journey through Intuitive Voyaging, Following the Wild Winds, and Showing Up As You Are. Not only is it an e-course on making big wise Messy Mavens on your canvas, it is also a journey in honoring the markers along your path, tapping your intuition, and speaking your truth, with art as a vehicle and your hands and heart as the resonators. Show up and liberate yourself. I will help guide you toward releasing whatever needs releasing so you can unhinge and express yourself like never before, all the while reaching realms of your inner-wisdom using tools I have known and continuously expanded upon since childhood.

Magic + Details:
August 11th birth-date = course goes live
Registration and doors closes August 22nd!
4 Weeks + Bonus materials
3+ hours of video!


2 MASSIVE Messy Mavens
1 Empowering Art Journal Page
1 Lovely Strand of Mini-Maven Spirit Flags
and BONUS surprises!

TOOLS for digging and tapping and expressing your inner wisdom. 

READY FOR THE RIDE? Grab your ticket ($99) for this little LIGHT TRAIN below ::

Buy The Ticket Take The Ride

I can't wait to Voyage with You. xoxo

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  1. I just signed up Carissa. SO EXCITED for this much-needed soul food! Heartfelt thanks for offering this e-course. Can't wait!!! :-)


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