Monday, December 9, 2013

((UPdate: Winner Chosen)) SOUL FOOD: Inner-View & Give-a-Way

And you, 
A windrose, a compass
My direction, my description of the world. 

I have SO MUCH to catch up on and share with you here. The past 3 weeks have whirled by like a magic carpet ride and then I suddenly smacked down with a nasty cold and cough. So here I am on the mend. 

SOUL FOOD: I'm feeling a bit vulnerable, but embracing it as I share this video glimpse of myself answering a handful of questions given to all the creative cooks on this SOUL FOOD Adventure. Everything kicks off December 30th and then runs all the way through December 2014! If you have yet to hear the buzz, there are 39 Creative Heads in the Kitchen serving up a delicious mix of media ---> check out all the juicy details right here. AND I'm also giving away a free spot. . . see below!

Without further ado:

Carissa Paige SOUL FOOD inner-view from carissa paige on Vimeo.

For a chance to win a spot ---> leave a comment below with YOUR FAVORITE SOUL FOOD & I will announce winners next week!

The Magical Digital Hat has chosen --->

Congrats to Gwyn! Please email me at to claim your seat :) I wish I could give out more spaces... Each & every morsel of your Soul Food answers were delicious to read about. Thank you so much for participating / sharing.

Big Love & Blessings to you & yours this holiday / new year season! 

xo, C


  1. Hi Carissa, I would say I have lots of favorite soul food. Exploring, being inspired to make art and most of all, connecting with my animals, they bring me such peace and joy and inspire me to delve into my childlike side <#

  2. ohhhh Carissa, I'm right there... "the keep going". arg, it's hard. I like your video much.

    anyhoo, so I want to win and my favorite soul food? like real food? like roasted potatoes soul food?

    well it would be that - but as for inspirational soul food - taking pictures. I like to get up in the morning and roam my yard in my nightgown and camera. good light, dew on everything, magical, etc... sunrises and close up pictures of new mushrooms and wet webs and the things that are always changing back there.

    oh and endless journaling. writing and writing, scribbling and scribbling, basic creative wonderment.

  3. I love working in my art journal, making sketches, then using watercolors. My favorite part, is doing doodly painting, in the background. Thanks for a chance to win a spot in the workshop!

  4. Carissa, I have always loved your art but now I love you too! (can I say that without it sounding stupid?) I really enjoyed your video and getting to know you a little. Great advice, keep going!

    Soul food for me is reading encouraging books, losing myself in my art journal, praying/meditating.

  5. I so enjoyed that video (love the fake tattoo too!!).

    Connecting with my nearest and dearest, including the family pets, is what feeds my soul. Celebrating their love, and my love for them, in my art journal always makes me happy :)

    I would so love a place on this class, please put my name in the hat!

  6. Good morning, Carissa! Thank you for your sharing your vulnerability & for sharing you!

    My soul food: there are many & depending on what is going on all around me, depends upon where I pull from to nourish my soul....I listen to my body & just go w/ the flow. Her are a just few in my box: baking (especially, this time of year), time in nature, watching movies (comedies if I need to laugh & tearjerkers to just let the tears flow & flow until I am a blubbering mess), creating (from paint, to sewing, to soldering), & napping. But my absolute go to~s are: meditating (daily) & bringing myself to some sort of body of water, preferably the beach, BUT most of the time my bathtub as it is readily available. Oh, & of course, snuggles w/ my sweet little Love Bug kitty....& much time w/ my husband & son. :)

    Thank you for a beautiful & generous opportunity!! Many blessings ~H♥~

  7. My soul food of the culinary style would be crepes with nutella and bananas, just about any Mexican food (especially quesadillas) or barbecue (I live in the South and now I'm suddenly hooked). As for soul food of an inspirational kind, I would say music, all the wonderful colors to play with in my art supplies, telling stories through my art, doing things that I didn't think I could do before and inspiring others by doing what I do, the freedom to create as I go and being able to learn & grow as a person. I would love an opportunity to win a free spot in the class. It would make my year. Wendy

  8. What you said truly resonated with me, Carissa, especially the part about how the world has a way of pushing you in and then out. As a sensitive, artistic child, I could never comprehend cruelty in any form,
    and seeing anyone or anything suffer just drove me wild, and still does. I have many soul food entrees that I depend upon to keep going in spite of the world's ways: prayer, meditating on God's word, being with my family, funny movies, being in nature, and creating art. Creating art is a big one because it's only through art that we can create the world and life the way that we want it to be. I was a little girl who got lost, too, but through God's love and grace, and these soul food feasts, I'm healing, and helping others to find their way home. Bless you, darling girl, as you walk your path and travel on your adventure. You are never alone! With much love and a hug from my inner child to yours :) Gwyn

  9. I'd love a chance to win! What feeds my soul is inspiration from other artists (like you), playing in my journal and reading books.

  10. ooooh fun! Thanks for the amazing opportunity Carissa. My soul food changes from phase to phase in my life but currently it would have to be connecting with other creative people online & in person. Feeding off the energy that comes from that kind of connection lights me up. I also really love reading about the creative process. It helps me feel not so alone. And finally that thing that is really working for me right now is running. It does something magical to my productivity and sanity levels. xoxo! thank you!!

  11. carissa riding your art desk that wasn't broken to you, which is all about point of view and perspective. that story reminds me of the adventures of pippi longstocking who yes, i still adore. write on, paint on, ride on! what a delightful and insightful interview! my fave comfort soul food at this moment, is macaroni and cheese.

  12. I came back to give you my email add. since I forgot on my comment, but I don't see my comment anywhere. So, to reiterate, my soul food is reading artists blogs and getting inspiration from them, taking online classes to further my art is my own little world where there are no stressors ...just me and my color. Art is such an adrenaline rush and it just keeps me going, and going, and going. Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat in Soul Food.

  13. Oh Carissa. I love this! You are so fun!

    As for my soul food...gosh there seem like so many. Creating texture in a painting. Experimenting with art. Gelli printing! Snuggling my son. Massages! OH and getting my hair washed at the salon. Yummmmm.

  14. My favorite soul food.. as far as actual food goes, I looove any type of alfredo. It is the most delicious sauce in the world! as far as nourishment for my soul itself, what feeds it is the constant stream of art and artists I am constantly discovering and being inspired by. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot to participate in such a wonderful class! :)
    Kristin (

  15. my most recent soul food is magazines! FLOW has finally made it into Milwaukee WI and WOW its an amazing artist mag. I buy all types: interior design, paper, fashion, Somerset Studio, etc. I swoon over all of the eye candy. Thank you for giving me a chance to win....good luck everyone (and me) !!!!

  16. My favorite soul food, sitting on my front porch at 3AM looking at the sky, the twinkle of stars, the lack of noise, the fresh smell of morning approaching with whisp of coffee mixed in, gets my imagination locked in gear and ready to go. Thanks for an opportunity to possibly share in a great adventure

  17. Ah this interview made me smile. I need to rediscover that silly side again. I'm only 36 but feel 106 at times lately. Tired and weary. This class is going to be a tonic I can feel it!

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