Saturday, February 9, 2013

ART DOODLE LOVIN' Blog Hop Express

Hey guys! Welcome to my little stop on the "Art Doodle Love" express. I'm sharing a video of 3 spreads and some major love for "Art Doodle Love" by Dawn DeVries Sokool. 

Honestly, I can't speak highly enough about the space we need. To explore ourselves deeply and compassionately. To let go and sit inside huge cyclones of surrender. 

What I love most about this "Journal of Self-Discovery" is the prompts, the colorfulness, and the pages. Oh the pages. I am so impressed with how much they can endure and hold (as you can see in my explorations above). Sturdy, velvety, and the perfect size. A lovely combination. I'm really inspired flipping through it every time and honestly can't wait to fill it. I've been a journal keeper all my life. A composition book has always been alongside me. Moving through this experience I look back at progress, at the wisdom I had in my 20's, at the experiences I put down, my dreams and pictures. The deep down messes. All of it. I savor this life, this journey. Every little strand. This book is something special. . . I knew it from the moment I held it. Without giving away all the secrets, it's been a true gem for me on this road. Of self-exploration, of self-discovery.

Art Doodle Love is here. Just the right place. Just the right time.

If this book speaks to you, and if you need a little nudge on your journey to self-discovery: it's available right here. 

Your next stop on the blog hop express is my pal Mindy!! We are just getting back after a lovely weekend teaching at Teahouse Studio in Berkley, CA. More on that soon!! Until then --->

Love and Green Lights, 
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  1. Thank you for sharing your page creation with a video...I enjoyed watching your process. Everyone in the blog hop is taking their pages in such different really shows how versatile the book is!

  2. Great idea to show us your pages via the video, really appreciated. I actually watched the video around midnight yesterday - down under, we are a day ahead of you guys LOL

  3. Video is a great idea! Thank you! Annette Maloney

  4. Bravo! One of the best teaching videos I've seen recently. Thank you, Carissa! This is wonderful.

  5. So nice to see you work in this nice doodle book... Thanks for sharing this video.
    Liefs, Melanie

  6. i love your green lights
    and this doodle book is delicious
    and i didn't know
    until i came here
    and now it's in my cart
    and i have you to thank!
    so thank you i do
    with joy:)

  7. carissa, oh my goodness, that video is awesome! i like the way you presented your pages, your style, and the candle. sweet journaling too. :)


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