Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Paintings

Bubble Girl ~ Original Sold ~ Prints Available
Ethel ~ Original Sold ~ Prints Available

Henrietta ~ Original & Prints Avai
Eleven Whispers ~ Original & Prints Available 
Hello! Here are a few new paintings I finished this week. . .
 I can't recall if I've shown you the 3 big pieces I finished, so here they are too:

I am amping up for a solo exhibit in June 22 - July 22 at Little Fish Huge Pond in historic Downtown Sanford. I'm super excited (& a wee-bit nervous). Sanford is an old, adorable port town here in Central Florida. I couldn't be happier to have my art there for a month. I couldn't think of a better place to break the ice! If you are local ~ opening night is Friday June 22 from 6 - 9 pm ~ I'd love if you stopped by! Little Fish is the coolest little place in Sanford. . . The atmosphere is quirky, eclectic, weird, and wonderful (~.~)
Wisdom. Harmony. Angels Influence

Here's to a wonderful week ahead. . . 

X x 


  1. love them!!!

    and miss ethel is very happy to hang it in my studio with me. thanks for all the goodies - the little happy sketched envelope and note totally made me all giddy and reminiscent of elementary and middle school penpals and the group of girls i'd draw and make friendship bracelets with <3

    1. thank you valeri ~ so happy you are enjoying Miss Ethel! your reminiscence of penpals & friendship bracelets totally made my day!

      BIG love to you & your new space! <3

  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!
    eleven whispers?!! that's soooo AWESOME>>>
    + you'll find me making messes by the sea////meeee toooooooooooo!
    i loooooooooove that!!!
    all this makes me draw out my vowels!
    + your originals/OriginalCarissa
    love ewe. xoxox

    1. ++++ thank you ++++++ Rachelyyy
      ewe ewe ewe are a never ending pool of

      i love ewwwee!
      from the
      of the


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