Friday, May 25, 2012

Bursting at the Seams ~ A Super-Size Update!

Hellooooo! I am writing to you loose and free ~ from my magical window seat which has been energetically charged and blessed. Annnd I have a magical little tale to share about Confirmation & Circulation:

One day last week during a painting fever ~ I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up. The overhead fan in my studio had suddenly-magically-serendipitously started working after being on hiatus for over a year!! It's blessing me with it's great power of Circulation ~ on many levels. It's amazing how this massive sign appears after days and days of blissful fervour in paint land. The fan just starts swirling around, so matter-of-factly, it was humorous. Oh why, helllloooo there fan! So happy to seeeee you again. The fan just grins. Well alright then, lets get to circulatin' (~.+)

So with my dear-fan in tow cooling me out as I dance like no ones watching ~ I've been pumping Bjork Radio ~ moving with my art and bursting out new paintings left and right. I am riding the magnificent wave of inspiration and its electric ~ because I'm fixing year long broken fans with it. Did you know I was a Magician Painting Electrician? *Wink-Wink*. . . I also make huge bass fish jump into fishing boats! True story for another time. It's all about the power of our thoughts, really. 

In the outer-world I've been swirrrrsshhh ~ struggling with words and sentences, while this brain-state of colorful mish-mashing has taken over me entirely. I am still able to write my thoughts, but having a conversation? Out loud? Not so smooth lately. I have been truly reveling in this process of being in my deep inner-realm ~ I am in it ~ all in it.

In my paint and life. I am. Listening. Deeply. Witnessing. Invisible forces take over. My guides revealing themselves louder than ever. Dreams and waking puzzles. Piecing together. It's all so deep-wide-never-ending. Forgiving and whole-hearted. Blissfully nakedly human. Getting out of the way. 

I must also confess I've been keeping a bit of mystery about some things I'm working on ~ as they cauldron and stew. They've been shuffling around my heart and head, bubbling ever largely. Coaxing me to catch and release, to let go, out there into the wild-blissful-yonder. My heart ((( swims in these rushes ))) and the mere thought as I type this. About to jump out of a plane at 11k feet kind of rush (YESSSS ~ I did that & still need to share my video with you!!) 

Although it's not quite finished yet, it continues to morph and deepen. I wanted to share this bubbling with you, so I'm no longer toiling away at it with very few knowers of just how pregnant and out to sea I am. 

This venture I'm working on is much like my painting process ~ underlayers, sand-downs, and restarts ~ until finally the effortless process circulates through my veins. A-ha! You know when you've locked into that effortless thing, right? Suddenly you're standing there and this wave of dejavu hits you ~ and you're like WOW, this all feels sooo right on, so --- whats the word? Effortless. Everywhere you go, feels like a movie you've seen before. Hey! You look familiar ~ don't I know you??!! 

Welcome to Effortlessville. If you blink, you might miss it. 

Thats where it's at for me, thats when I know. Two ginormous things I'll share soon enough (and perhaps a 3rd! 4th!) I'm just shaping, shifting, and listening... Letting it grow.  

Last but certainly not least ~ ~ ~ The Paint Your Story course by Mindy has been truly a magnificent recharge. It has stirred my soul beyond all measure and reason. I highly recommend it to all!! She just unleashed her Work-at-Your-Own-Pace portion! Go out and grab it!

A Big Love to You 
& This Wild Galaxy Too, 


  1. I'm so excited for you and all the magical energy LITERALLY swirling around. i love this beautiful journey you are on and i'm so happy to witness your growth and exploration. i can't wait till you share your news. *^double squeal^*!!!!
    love you!

  2. I did just grab it and then I saw this blog post on my feed. Awesome! I love your art, too.

  3. You sound like you are just ready to explode, lol! Now you have to just tell us what is going on. I hate when people give teasers like this :) I love Mindy's artwork and I'm wondering if you think the zine will be valuable enough without the workshop. I've been contemplating purchasing the zine. I need to conserve money as much as possible so I don't know if I can spring for the full workshop.

    1. Marcia ~ I say go for it ~ get the zine! I didn't get it myself, but I know others have enjoyed it. Treat yourself! <3

  4. Your work is really beautiful Carissa keep unfolding into your divine self.

  5. omg, i love you carissa and one day want to give you a big hug! your journey and unravelling is exciting and i'm just getting my feet wet and while no stranger to the power of our thoughts and direction of our energy i am still always amazed when things fall into place or inspiration takes over and my ego disintegrates and your post reminded me of the magic all around those who take notice of it <3


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