Friday, March 30, 2012

Howling in The Wind: Coyote Wisdom

 On the road a few months ago I saw a coyote howling along the edge of the woods. I was completely in awe, I've never actually seen a coyote in the wild here in Florida. I knew it was really auspicious. I turned around and drove back by a few times to see her, watch her, and find out what sort of message she had for me.

She was glorious and breathtaking. Her spirit, her every move etched in my mind. She paused to scratch herself, then trotted along and sniffed the air. She thought about crossing the road, but didn't. And then I lost sight of her. . .

What can I learn from her? How can I apply her Wisdom and Magic? There's so many layers to explore:

Howling -- Claiming. Proclaiming. Awakening. Celebrating.
Scratching -- Listening and tending to whatever itches.
Intuition -- Trusting Yourself. Knowing. Crossing The Road.

At the time of this encounter I was pondering when to "cross the road" and go deeper with some projects.

The coyote came in her wild + wonderful way and said: You already know when to cross the road (and when not to cross the road.) Your hairs, bones, whiskers, and vocal chords simply KNOW.

I feel like she's here now --  following up to confirm: There's nothing to fear you haven't done, or you're doing. . . Or _________ (fill in the blanks).  

Howl, explore, listen, pause, TRUST, and simply ENJOY this life --  it's ALL right.


  1. Thank you, Teketa. . . YOU're wonderfull :)

  2. howwwwwwwl-loooove.
    a while back, i was so taken
    by a dream i had w/a wolf + lion..
    i followed up by digging into all of this
    + it was deeply meaningful.
    in the wild w/you, soul sister.

  3. Just Beautiful, Carissa!
    I love reading your blog and hearing about what twists your journey is taking - it's always so full of soul and honesty.
    You have such a talent at sharing your heart through your writing.

    Such a beautiful message here x Sarah


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