Friday, January 6, 2012

Cover Girl!!!

You may have already seen it, but here's my big surprise -- I'm currently on the COVER
of Somerset Studios January / February edition!!!

I can hardly believe my eyes!! This came as a total surprise to me, finding out a mere week or two before it was officially out there. I thought it was just going to be my article along with a few images, or maybe my piece wouldn’t even make the final cut (my paranoid delusions). You can imagine my level of awe and excitement when the news came. There were tears, followed by dancing and cheers.

This is a dream come true, beyond my wildest visions. I remember making my list of goals for 2011 and being published in Somerset was one of them. I didn't know how, or what, but I knew I wanted to spread my wings and go for it. With the year almost over and other projects taking up my time, I put this plan on the back burner, but held onto the intention.

Well, the Universe has this wild way of conspiring and lo-and-behold I had a magical little email from Christen Olivarez (beautiful soul, huge inspiration, and editor for Somerset Studios) asking me to contact her about a couple of pieces they were interested in. To make a long story short, I walked around for days holding my chest so my heart wouldn't leap out.... and a How-To Article was born.

This past year has been truly magical. One of the best years of my life. I owe mass amounts of gratitude to Christen and everyone over at Somerset for all the amazing work they do. I mean, the way they are able to put together these beautiful, soulful magazines and touch so many people across the globe. It’s a blessing and honor to be a part of.

I was honestly nervous about putting myself out there like this, and I think it’s those stubborn fears that kept me from reaching out in the first place. The questions, like, "How Dare You? Just who do you think you are? You aren’t enough, or ready, or blah blah blah!"

"Stand in your Danger. .  ." - C.P.E.

The Universe is always delivering the experience you most need. We’ve been doing so much reflecting on that here lately – we are 100% sure there are no mistakes and negatives are just positives in disguise. It all leads you home.

Forever Stretching. Forever Growing. I hope you like my Cover and How-To Article!! This has been a HUGE PUSH for me to go further, dig deeper, share more. I'm ready. I'm showing up. I may go underground at times, but it's all part of my process. I'm here! To stay.

Yep, here's the cheezy "that's me on the cover" picture!!!

 Lots of Love,

PS. I'm really soaking in the moment -- the picture up top on my sidebar with me as a toddler trying to type on the BLUE typewriter -- and NOW me as a 30 year old with my BLUE typewriter painting on the cover. I'm just. . . . . in complete AWE! I can't wait until my first book is complete!!!!!!


  1. Aw! This is so inspiring! That cheezy picture is marvelous, and soooo deserved! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Congrats, Carissa! Love the cheesy photo, too. What an awesome dream come true!

  3. I am so happy for you Carissa! Ecstatic really! I have always loved your work. I will look for a copy! I know what you mean about going underground. I have been doing some soul searching this past week. Honestly when I see my art friends getting the spotlight it warms my heart & gives me light to continue. Happy New Year! {hugs} Yippee

  4. Congratulations, dear Carissa! This is so wonderful and as I have really fallen in love with your print and all of your lovely work I can totally understand that you are now the cover girl of such a special magazine:-)

    Love to you


  5. i am so happy for you! and it is so deserved. you've been working hard, and the universe listened. YOU ROCK. i love you!

  6. I always knew...
    I'm so proud.
    much love,
    auntie cake

  7. woooohooo!!! that is so so freakin awesome!! you rock dear girl. i am so happy for you. (and its only the beginning!)
    love you and miss you!

  8. carissa, this cover is soooooo gorgeous! i have this print on my art desk + know it so well...i feel like it's my sister on the i ought to yelp "mom! look!" (although that's complicated!!). :)
    i can't wait to see the inside!!!
    AND, i ADORE the quote about stand in your danger. ***powerful***
    + also love your thoughts about how all is to bring us home...+ toward home, i travel beside you, DearFriend.
    fly flitter soar, fancy flutterfly,
    + i flap my wings from here in carissajoy.

  9. I saw that cover Carissa!! Congrats to you. What a fantastic way to start 2012. :) You are so very talented and you are going to have an amazing year!!

  10. Carissa, it's beautiful! Your art and the work you put into the craft and heart of your work is inspiring!


  11. congrats, congrats sweet friend! i squealed when it came in the mail.....
    i'm so happy for you and all this goodness. love you!!

  12. AHHHHHHH!!!! I am doing a happy dance for you way out here in Jerusalem. The cover is beautiful. The only thing more beautiful is you holding the cover.

  13. carissa, what fabulousness! and i'm doing my happy dance for you here in Jersey. what a well deserved honor! keep it up, talented sprite! xo

  14. oh Carissa how this makes my heart dance!!! I love it. Congratulations!!! Soak it dear girl you DESERVE this!


  15. The cover is what made me buy the magazine and what brought me to your blog today! Your art is FANTASTIC!!

  16. Hi there! Congrats on making the cover!

  17. Nice to visit with you! I enjoyed your story and had to see WHo WHat WHere and WHy...your a wise young women and your art is soulful...this is my first copy of Somerset Studio, drawn because of a dear Willowing Friend, Tamara Laporte, but will continue as you are now on my Artist to Watch list. Beautifully done..........Debi♥

  18. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. You're the most talented cover girl ever!

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  19. Absolutely stunning piece of work, Carissa; my favourite cover ever!

  20. oh my gosh! i HAVE that issue...i thought it looked familar, too, but i never bothered to go back and check (i think i had the issue before i was familiar with your work). WOW...yay!


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