Monday, August 1, 2011

Saddle Up This Wild Life & Ride

saddle up this wild life and ride -- hunting for bones.

Life has been a wild & wonderous journey, buzzing and humming, whirling and twirling... sometimes to the point of nausea.

This is where I am lately: owning my story -- wrestling with my own light horns, bucking up against the joy barrier that's so often held me back from leaping out of planes w/ a jumpsuit & backpack into my own -- rushing, daring, brave, creative life.

Last night I had a dream I was with a group of people and we were on a mission -- hunting for stolen bones. We discovered these bones on white rocky sands, just above the surface next to a road. I felt this sense of duty to find these bones & wasn't nearly as distraught or sickened by it as I thought I would be, even though they were the bones of a child.

When I think about the symbolism here, I see how uncovering the roots, the bones -- is a call to reawakening -- a call to rediscover pathways, roadways of these true & genuine bones of she. No matter our age or time & space, we all lose sight of our bones. Shiny white bones waiting just below the surface, dancing in the dust. No wonder there are so many beautiful stories & folklore surrounding bones.

Within the dream & group searching I see power in clusters -- how none of us can search for our own bones entirely alone. Sometimes it takes a small army (or an army of your own willingness) to search & dig & find together. Or an army of bookshelves, wisdom from searchers who came before, ready and willing to be bundled up in your arms.

They teach of process, of self discovery, never ending. They share stories & pathways & lights in the night. They share bundles of seeds which must always be planted regardless of the depths you are toiling.... Sprouts will rise up through your bones, dust will fall away, and your shiny white roots will mold into the whole of you, over and over again.

It's a process of search and rescue -- finding & re-finding your roots. Owning your truest self, saddling up this wild life and riding beneath the surface, banding together with like minded searchers & workers & light legions. Harvesting up your creative stack of bones & piecing them together one by one until you are a bright and shiny flesh spiral -- drilling through layers of earth and rock. Straight down into the roots of YOU.

How badly do your bones want to dance off the dust & be found -- over and over again?!


To me this process of search & rescue (or search & discovery) is where the deepest, the most authentic
of our creative harvest lies. My dream message is one of braveness & bold knowing that we all have an
army of searchers on our side.

So go ahead, don't be afraid to go out into the night & hunt down your bones. Wherever you are, whatever you do --  
Saddle up this wild life and ride!

(....This was my guest post recently for the glorious Roots of She.... Just wanted to share it here while I am in the midst of working on getting my blog/shop/etc updated with all things NEW.....)

Thank you SO MUCH to all those who've been signing up for my Love Letter News -- this is something else I'll be catching up on as well!

More soon.......!

Love & Light Legions,


  1. goodness gracious, beautiful, i LOVE your art! it's always wonderful to come across another art journaler and see the world in a new way. i'll be back soon!

  2. we all lose sight of our bones...
    breathtaking writing, soul friend.
    your words invite me to come alive.
    so good to see your post.
    lovelovelove you so.

  3. this really spoke to me, one of favorite posts ever! Love to you and your magic sister!

  4. how i adore this electronic bulletin board of your dreamy pieces! and look at those sweet lil' bones of yours standing in that enchanted forest of vintage finds!

  5. I. Love. You.
    (right down to your bones.)


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