Monday, June 13, 2011

Update: New (Deep) Stuff & Sharing My First Video!

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonder-filled week & weekend. I've been busy trying to catch up on my ever-growing To Do List. I came up with a new plan for blogging more consistently which involves creating a video each week. I love the process of creating & editing video... (I'm a little rusty & need practice, but love it none-the-less!) Now that I've cleared space on my little workhorse machine, I can take & share more vid-e-o. I've noticed the act of watching myself create has helped me grow & see things differently. I'm always inspired by watching other artists create, so I hope you will be inspired too. In this particular video (at the very end of this post) I started off with black paint, which I rarely do, so it was total experimental-see-what-unfolds kind of thing.

This past week I've been playing with & crazy inspired by contact paper transfers (MAGIC! in my sink here) & beeswax collages: 

 "Dear" & "Book To Make, Let Me" aka Olivia....  

"Deep Space" 

Deep Space was made in the magical land of SEDONA! It's super special because it contains alice in wonderland book pages from Rachel, a butterfly kiss from Kelly, and painted paper bits from Mindy's stash. It was created freely & intuitively... It's all about exploring and floating into a Deeper Space of Self...Stepping UP & into enchantment & child-like wonder. A treasure trove of inspiration... I'm reaching this space more-so than ever, not only in my day-to-day life, but in my painting life, which really is just one in the same. Freedom in brush stroke translates into freedom of BEING... I'm beginning to discover from a deeper space what my brush strokes really mean, what they've been telling me all along -- an honor to my youth, my inner child, my life experience, my intuition, my hurt & pain, and my absolute BLISS in the ALL-OF-IT. I want my art (like my life) to be more about LETTING GO. Speaking of meanings in paintings -- I have been following a trail of inspiration which leads into a vast pool of childhood experience. It's been a truly healing & deep space I am grateful to access. I recorded an audio where I discuss the meaning of Secret Window... As soon as I figure out how to share it here, I will, cuz I'm gettin' all brave like that.

If you made it this far, thank you for listening to my "deep space". I'm still processing the whole-of-it and following the trails... Without further ado, heres my painting video:

Lots of LOVE, 


  1. hello
    so fun to enjoy your art
    your video was artful too, thank you.

    i have a friend considering filming the making of her art, she has a PC - do you? If you have a PC would you suggest the editing software you use? If so, what is it? many thanks.

  2. Hey Tammie, Thank you... I'm happy you enjoy! I do use PC, and then Adobe Premiere Pro2 to edit with. It's somewhat advanced. Windows Movie Maker is a good place to start getting the feel for things (if she is a beginner.) I have also heard a lot of people using the Flip camera & uploading directly to youtube. Best of luck to your pal getting started! <3

  3. you are a movie star!
    & a star w/materials (love how it ALL looks!)
    & a star in my heart, shining always...
    sweetheart, you are shooooting
    & i make a wishhhhhh.

  4. omg, i loved the video so much, sweet carissa! just as i was hoping to have you turn to us and give us a little look, there you are, with a sweet smile. i can't wait to see more, it's like seeing you in person!

    and good for you for learning to let it go. life is too short to hang on to the bad stuff. xo

  5. Enjoyed seeing you paint. :) Can't wait to see the finished pieces. :)

  6. you are so sweet - and you don't get very messy either - if that was me there would have been paint everywhere. what you have written about your art is very insightful - art is indeed soul work where we are asked to go deep inside our experiences, our very souls - but what wonderful work we are privileged to be doing

  7. your paintings make me so happy. ♥

  8. Just lovely! Yes, I love that soul searching and healing art gives us in the gifts of a new paintings or direction. Enjoyed your video!
    xo Theresa

  9. thank you for the filming suggestions, so kind of you! I have passed them on.

  10. love, love, love the video. you are sunshine to my heart my dear. xo

  11. thanks you guys, for all the love love love!

  12. That was really cool. Congrats on your first video! I hope to see more soon!


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