Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Journal Magic

Dear Friends, I have some exciting news!! I've been gearing up & pouring my heart into a new project: An art journaling class called "Art Journal Magic!" I'll be teaching it locally @ "Art and Soul Studio." The lovely owner Bonnie just finished revamping her entire store. It's a fusion of Spiritual / Metaphysical and Art. It's really amazing how much it's changed in just the short period from when I first visited a month or two ago. It's a perfect space to hold a sacred journaling venture. I feel blessed. I'll be using a mash up of foto-transfers, paint, paper, glue, heart, soul, intuition, words, and wine! My hope is that it will be a safe and sacred space and that we'll all let-loose... and magic will happen. What magic you say?! The kind of magic that happens when you just show up... and play.... and be.... and listen.... and receive... a vast pool of inner wisdom. A space where intuitions can be giddy... With a brave heart I share this.

Amazing and
Creates Magic

My soul is searching and open wide listening. 
Ready to hear and share and create a 

A'la mode de
Creative Exploration

.... I wish to spread magic... and healing.... and bold inner knowings.... (and maybe a little fairy dust!)

Dear All-Knowing-Wise-Spirit, I also wish to cast out a blessing to this new venture... Right now as I type this, I feel butterflies and chills. I'd really love to dig up all I need for this, and conjure a healthy dose of brave! (Thank you.)


*The middle image is the transfers in the sink. The female magician is from my 2011 planner which is filled w/ old magician pics! The other is one of the portraits from The Woods series (currently blog header!)


  1. Oh , how wonderful Carissa! Congratulations! This will be a magical adventure for sure. It sounds so exciting and great! I would so much like to join you for your new special art adventure...

    Love to you


  2. Loving on you
    and the stormy, dreamy colors
    and beauty
    of this gorgeous place
    you've created!
    Bright summertime grace to you
    and your journey,

  3. sounds so fun! congratulations!

    all of the artwork is just gorgeous! i adore finding the little details in every piece! so inspiring!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Carissa!!! You will be AMAZING! I am so happy for you! I can feel your excitement just reading this. I would sign up for your class in a hot second if I could. xoxo

  5. so wish I could partake in this YUMMINESS with you!

  6. Oh ya, congrats! Sounds so yummy, if I was closer I would love to join in some summer magic.
    xo Theresa

  7. Thanks for your LOVE! I am working on a bundle of love /e-class /e-book to offer up soon.

    Local Friends: Art & Soul Studio recently moved to a new location in Orange City. I'll be offering up some Art Journal and Mixed Media workshops at the new place soon!



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