Friday, May 6, 2011

Studio View Friday: Anna Tomczak

The Florida Victorian, Downtown Deland...

Its that time again.... Studio View Friday! This time I bring you a peek of a very sacred space owned by the ever-lovely, ever-inspiring artist - Anna Tomczak of Lake Helen, Florida. Her husband (Mark) is the owner of my favorite place in the world to rummage through - The Florida Victorian. Without further ado - a few pictures of her glorious space:

Can you say h-e-a-v-e-n ? Her studio is one of the largest I've been in. It needs to be in "Where Women Create" ! The pics I took really do no justice (it was dark + I used my phone!) Its a detached little house in the back of her 100+ year old home. It was too dark to get photos of her backyard garden, which I'll just say was filled with life & color & wonderfull scents. The bottom middle photo is Sweet Anna herself... You can see some of her unique artwork hanging behind her. The bottom right is my beeswax coated Eggs. I'm in love. My little eggs are living under a little glass dome in my kitchen. Not only is Anna a Photographer / Mixed Media Extraordinaire... She teaches these ahh-mazing workshops in this studio of hers, the next one beginning in September. If you are local you must check it out!! You won't be disappointed. Here is a link to her site & her work --> Anna Tomczak.

Happy Friday & Weekend Ahead!



  1. Mark bought my first sold item at the art show. It was a little box with info about DeLand on it. It made me so happy that he bought it. I miss being there, too. Such a great place. It's cool to see that you got to hang there. I'm always happy to see you happy and inspired!

  2. awesomeness! thank you for sharing -- wish anna's studio wasn't so far away, it looks so fascinating! xo


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