Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On The Path: Sedon-ahhh

Never in my life have I felt so blessed..... so surrounded by REAL. I've been trying to capture whats been on my heart & mind & all the little juicy bits of my journey lately, bu-bu-bu-but I am completely stumbling over words. Instead of letting it be a roadblock, images will have to do! These are from a recent trip to Sedona w/ a group of amazing Soul Sisters. These women are home to me. They're all solid & beautiful rocks on this glorious path of creative living. Each & every one of them - a blessing.

I had the absolute JOY to meet & make messes side by side with the amazingly inspiring Mindy!!! I've had a h u g e crush on Mindy, and was even a tad nervous about meeting her (silly me)! We connected on so many levels & I think we could have been separated at birth... I would have loved to continue painting side-by-side for days and days... collaborating, sharing, exploring, talking, laughing... Pure Joy I tell you. My heart & inner child explodes with wild wonder. I am blessed to call her my friend. (NEAT STUFF!!!)
Strength, power, beauty, and deep REALNESS exudes from each & every one of these amazing women
By each & every one of these creative powerful women...
I am deeply deeply blessed....

(for now)



  1. sounds absolutely amazing, carissa! i'm so happy for you! xo

  2. ohhh, the woods hold
    our ongoing stories
    & i am so blessed to
    share this path
    with you, dear, dear
    & i am loving
    this sedon-ahhhh savoring!
    now...if we could just
    capture a photo
    of mindy's gorgeous VOICE!
    how i love us all
    so big & real!
    kiss boom bah! X

  3. i love you carissa paige! miss you so much. i also deeply enjoyed the car ride back to the airport (even though the AC was out) figuring out life and the intricacies that make us who we are. now, go sneak out and jump on the trampoline under the moonlight.....

  4. i adore you.

    your realness
    your authenticity

    i am blessed to have you in my life and that you shared in our sedon-aaah journey!!!

    big smooches and love to you today and everyday.

  5. Hi Carissa! your newest follower here :)
    your work is beautiful and so is your blog! cheers!

  6. i just had to come here and see these photos again and they are making me miss you so bad. i imagine what you are doing in your day to day activities. i only wish we lived closer to share those moments more. love you!

  7. oh me oh my! I have just stumbled upon ALL your bountiful goodness from your etsy shop to here...aaaah so much love and creative nurturing...such a delight :)x

  8. LOVE TO see all of you beauties in my neck of the woods! I am in Gilbert, AZ! And the bracelet....*SMILING*


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