Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Went To The Woods Because...

I went to the woods because,
I wished to take my own picture.
Deliberately, just me & my tripod.
Lately, I go to these woods because I wish to call upon the wisdom of wise old souls who came before, to give me strength & insight into how I too can live as deliberately as possible in this world. How I can continue stretching outside my comfort zones. How I can write or express my story, my stories. How I can Own My Story & my life. How all of the puzzle pieces in my dreams fit together. How I can interlace my experience into something Heart projected fully, with armor off. I want to hear & see their whispers. I want to see & feel & follow wherever these strands lead. I want to be mystified by life, stray into lands of unknown, and remain in glorious wonder... always....

These woods I've found are:
  • A place of quiet & calm solitude amidst this loud & buzzing world.
  • A place where turtles rustle across the leaves, slowly, slowly, slowly.
  • A place where I tip toe across the land above what I believe to be snake holes.
  • A place where even though I may be startled by such things, I feel utterly safe & protected.
  • A place where iii can just be & take my own picture.
  • A place where I'm reminded to live from a simple deliberate place of my own liking.
  • A place that whispers in my ear in a language all it's own.
  • A shhhhhh, hush, are you listening deeply too your soul kind of place.
  • Red birds blasting, bald eagles soaring, hawks on fences.

"I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom."
Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!


  1. oh...I think I might do that very same thing....though I am always so self critical, my dear, you give me strength...and hope.

  2. oh this is lovely - if wednesday is a nice morning/afternoon I am going to the woods :)
    I do find such solice there and in graveyards too

  3. Jenneeefer, go! Take your own glorious picture... be a witness to your own beauty just waiting for you to show up & snap away.

    Carrie, I agree... such serenity in these places!

    I'm thinking these Woods are going to turn into a series here & I'd love to have people get involved in it somehow... ! Letting this stew
    on my backburner...


  4. I too go to the woods to seek balance and connect with my deepest parts. For me, it is the most sacred place on earth. I TOTALLY LOVE your photos Carissa. They are inspiration for this camera shy girl. You are one cool chica! Keep on rocking it! xoxo

  5. You inspiring, creative, BEAUTIFUL soul. I am learning so much from you. Thank you for sharing your heart here.

  6. you
    (& i adore
    our parallel
    paths with woods
    so much in my
    dreamlife of late)
    lOoooOOove to you,
    sister! xooOx

  7. Wow Carissa! Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing such inspiring words with us! Love these pictures of you. xo

  8. these photos are gorgeous.
    i am simply over the moon excited that i finally get to meet THEEEEE carissa paige!!!
    loves to you.

  9. i am so thankful and blessed to have connected with you on SO MANY levels. you are one amazing, sweet, wonderful, and NEAT girl. i am over-the-moon loving our friendship. i love you so so much!! xoxo
    miss you so much already!

  10. you're so lucky you have woods nearby-

    love the wire heart sticking out of the typewriter!

  11. I love this juxtaposition of the wild woods and beautiful, organically placed YOU. Love.

  12. I love your sweet heart and soul Carissa! xoxox


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