Friday, April 15, 2011

Studio View : Friday

Happy Friday!!! Hope you had a fantastic week. It was a productive one here.... Lots of little things coming together. I am so dee-lighted I could burst at the seams. Up above is a sneak peek (I couldn't resist) of Mizz Bea (Bee/B?) screen printed on a shirt!! I finally figured out what one of my issues was w/ the printing process - I was using TOO MUCH paint! Doh. So I got that all figur'd out now. It's definitely a process that requires patience & willingness to start over and over and over until you get it right. Kind of like learning how to drive a manual transmission (only a lot more messy...) You have to find that sweet spot.

Sending some Weekend Love your way. We're off on a little adventure this weekend with the Mr's family. I'm about to finish up packing last minute and hit the road! Hoping I don't forget something useful, like, my shoes ;-)

Carissa & Koko


  1. LOOOOOOOOVE! As you grow into being the rock star artist you were born to be, maybe she should be Ms. BE. Just sayin'.

  2. fyi...i want a tee. just sayin.
    let me know when they are in the shop.
    happy friday my talented redbird sister friend.

  3. i loooooooooove that tee!!!!!!!!!!!!
    maybe i could purchase one for my may birthdeeeey!
    & we are soooo connected...
    i have recently been speaking of "sweet spots"
    & on a more powerful note,
    dreaming about LION & drawing & making lion jewelry...& here one pops up on YOUR blog!
    i lovelovelove that!
    liv is so right are a rock star artist!
    as michael jackson says, hit your high note & shine/& YOU ARE!
    i love ewe so!!!! xoxox

    and i love you!!!!

    hoping you and yours had a wonderful weekend and Easter.

    i second our sisters Rachel and are a little rock star artist!!!
    DIG IT!!!!!


  5. Helllllo Carissa and Koko! The shirt, Carissa! WOW. You are rocking it so great.

  6. it's meeee again!
    i'm going through carissa posting withdrawel! :)
    i wanted to share w/you that ben & i were
    scrolling through your gorgeous etsy items
    & he said he'd love the PHOTO(your header)!
    seriously, everything you touch...
    tee's, paint, film, (live hearts..i know cuz i'm one!) turns into love & magic & light & beam!
    looooove ewe! xoxox

  7. oops. "withdrawAl"!
    what's with with dra wel..
    you do draw well too of course!

  8. i love the saying - when you find what makes you breathless hold on tight - i love your work its got this cuteness about it but somehow its got an adult feel to it, an edgeness, a certain sophistication - i think without being too grown up - lots of contridictions - i like.


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