Friday, February 4, 2011

Life's a Blur: Studio Friday

Here I am. . . I am here. . . Am I here? This week has been a bit of a blur. I'm 30!! Wow. It's still sinking in. I started writing yesterday and kept getting distracted and realized I really need some serious time - just me & my composition book. I need a taxi driver and a 24 hour diner, STAT! My time will come, but I have a pretty full schedule of events the next couple weeks (cleaning the other half of my studio is definitely part of the plan for this weekend!) So until I get to the diner, it'll have to bask in snippets of time. Sweet glorious and simple snippets where the sun shines in just right and you catch IT. Even if just for a moment. Ride it to glory land.

Last week was really exciting. I sold 2 originals! One went to New Jersey, and the other to Australia. How cool is that? Little Miss Love & Hip On Dreams and Oceans..... ALSO! This has me falling out of my chair with pure Joy & Excitement: Check out this little video by Sacred Cake which begins with the laughter of her children on a Saturday afternoon, and ends with a shot of Koko, an original of mine hanging with art by her sister (Kelly Rae,) her Mama, and Susan Mulder's artwork! What an honor! The sound of her sweet voice has my entire soul melting..... I love you to pieces Mrs. Valentine!!!!!!! You are so dear. Jennifer Valentine is an insanely talented writer, assembler of words, jewelry and artwork. See her glorious blog & etsy, you won't be disappointed! I can't say enough about how amazing she is! I'm wearing one of her necklaces right now (in the picture above) in fact.

Last but not least, please check out the Happy HEART Giveaway over at Choosing Beauty! Guess who's giving away a $25 gift certificate to my etsy shop?? I AM! You have until midnight tonight to enter, so hop on over before it's too late. It's so great to GIVE and I love for nothing more than to be able to do just that on my birthday week!

Here's the other half of the studio I'll be working on this weekend. The messy half. And a shot of a new painting, "Unplugged." I have print of it listed in my shop :) Next week I'm going to Savannah for the first time, to let loose and relax (and maybe just maybe, visit a diner.)

Lots of Love,


  1. Great Post ! I love your blurry self.
    You have been one of my favorites from the beginning and this post is one of the reasons why.
    Happy Birthday and congratulations on all your success

  2. I am so insanely proud of you my dear one!
    THANK YOU for mentioning me...I feel at times, so undeserving of your kindness...
    I just think you are the absolute bees knees....I do.

  3. dearest love,
    anything that piles out of you
    is paradise.
    i witness you
    & fall out of MY chair.

  4. Wow- that is all such great stuff Carissa! I love that one of your paintings went to Australia. Love you!


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