Monday, February 7, 2011

Balancing of Opposites

Electric Shock: A journal page from a few days ago... 

There's this balancing of opposites always taking place. Sometimes my heart feels so soft and tender, easily bruised, and broken. Other times strong, and gigantic, overflowing with wisdom and electric shock. 

The things that sometimes fill the empty spaces.... I don't quite know how to make room. Not all the time. Or a way to quell the fear. The lonely irrational thoughts that come whooshing in. I trust the time will come when I roll the windows down and let it all go ~ rushing out ~

Over my shoulder. It'll all be tossed to the wind, to the static embrace of the channel changing and saving. This'll all be smooth sailing, one day.



  1. i could
    fall asleep
    into your
    dear hands
    that draw
    grey & green
    & girls i
    deep down love
    & into your
    voice/writing hand
    that purrs words
    & all of it
    creates for me
    a sister & safe pasture
    & i roam HERE.

  2. thank you miss carissa. it was a very long friday and those emotions carried through most of the weekend. it is so strange some days. hard to understand that we all go through these motions.
    and i truly thank you for being brave and saying it out loud.

  3. you aren't alone, sweet carissa! many of us feel this tug between the extremes, though sometimes it can feel quite isolating. the nice part about it is that it makes absolutely wonderful fodder for art!

  4. Oh gosh!!! I totally know where you are at! And..I love that you share this side of your experience! Sending you much love and the hope of smooth sailing. ♥♥

  5. It's good to know I'm not paddling alone ;)

  6. So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing Carissa. And, yes isn't nice to know we are not alone. :)

  7. This is so beautiful and I love the journal page. I think that many of us have to do this balancing act, and wish for smoother sailing from time to time. You aren't alone...

  8. hey grl i'm n the stretchin within class w u. just wanted 2 mention again how much i adore ur art! :)

  9. ....tossing it to the wind....I love that my dear...I love your words and I love love love YOU.
    keep swimming dear one. I'll be a life raft around your waist should you need one....

  10. Your words are so sweet, touching and brave. The mere fact that you were able to write this shows just how strong you are! When I first read it, I felt like I was reading my own inner fears and doubts - you are so incredibly talented and beautiful C - just know that you're not alone! Thank you so much for sharing! xx

  11. Thanks everyone for your kind-kindredness. My little tug boat is smiling from ear to ear and Loving you all in these waters of life!



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