Monday, January 31, 2011


Taking Inventory: I've had my sleeves rolled up all weekend w/ projects around the house.... clearing out and shifting the space. It's amazing how these changes have such an impact. Even Koko (the cat) was darting around listening to the echo of his own meow-symphony in all the new spaces we created.

It all started with the decision to get rid of this giant TV stand / armoire we've had since our first apartment (10 years ago!) We maneuvered it to the end of the driveway and donated it to the curb gods. Within minutes my Mister was helping a happy couple load it into their truck. Bon Voyage!

The same day at the magical thrift we found this old school chalkboard (for $5!!! ) It's been a dream to have one of these traditional teachers chalkboards... I LOVE IT, I love playing w/ chalk. The model to the right there is Cindy. I've used her as a figure to draw quite often.... On the other side of my room (the VERY messy side) is a set of old school lockers (also from the magical thrift.) I'll share some better shots of my studio space when it's been put back together. I really love my space. 

The BIG Three-Oh: I'm turning 30 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. I'm extremely proud of all the progress I've made the past 5 years from 25 - 30. There were some crazy times in there... Crazy, but necessary for overcoming and becoming. I'm especially grateful for the past year, for all the amazing people in my life, for all of the friends and soul sisters I've been blessed to meet in the flesh. . . for this journey, for the good and the bad and the indifferent, for the art and writing and discovering and naming and healing and growing and helping others do the same. This year from 29 - 30 has been one of the best years of my entire life. One I will never forget.  
Bon Voyage, 20's! Hello 30's!

I could go on and on w/ so much more in my heart... Instead I will leave you with a new painting called Waiting for Words:

All my heart,


  1. eeeeks! i need to set up my calendar to remind me of your birthday days before, not the day of, so i can send you birthday love and have it arrive on the right day! oh well. this year the postmark will be your big day and it'll arrive late.

    you're gonna love being 30. trust me! it's so much better than your 20s!

    happy 30th birthday eve!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Carissa! The 30s - you will love them. I hope this coming 30th year is even better than your last. :)

  3. oh my goodness! you share a birthday with ryder, who's 8 tomorrow! someone once told me being born on the 1st or 13th of the month is especially magical, so it's very fitting for you, my dear. you are gonna rock the 30s, carissa - so excited for you! xoxoxo

  4. Happy birthday, dear friend. In the time of your 20's, you have taught me quite a lot. Even when you didn't realize it. I hope your 30's are EVEN BETTER than your 20's. Because, really... who says getting older means you're going downhill, when the best thing you can do is keep reaching for the best in life AND obtaining it!? Keep shining, dear. Oh, and come visit soon. Maybe one weekend when Jen comes to visit or something. I don't know or really care. I just know it's already been too long...

  5. Dearest sweet carissa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend!!! Oh my i am LOVING your space so much...everything looks wonderful!! Wishing you a lovely merry happy celebration and may all your wishes come true!! Love to you!

  6. loving the space and the new painting. oh that hair is killing me.

    a very happy birthday to you chickadee. i am so happy that our paths have crossed

    a big hug and a smooch.

  7. Thank you guys so much for the warm wishes & b-day Love! Hugs to you all!!! <3

  8. I want to go to this magical thrift you talk about!!

    Welcome to the 30's Carissa! They are some kind of fabulous!

    Keep shining your light,
    singing your song...


    30.s are wonderful.
    im so sorry i haven.t stopped by to visit recently...but i want you to know how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE you!
    happy days ahead.

  10. it's so pretty lady!
    i can't wait to see it!


  11. "...necessary for overcoming & becoming..."

    You amaze me every day. I'm so proud of you, & I love you for your spirit & your wisdom, & just everything you are. Happy 30!

  12. your thirties will amaze you in ways you never imagined. You are so strong. so talented. And so wise for a youngster... ;) I am loving your latest works too. how does that much soul fit in such a little person. maybe twisted up in the pigtails...xox


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