Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello 2011

Hello 2011, I'm so happy you're here. I know you'll be my favorite year yet!

Friends, I love you dearly and just had to drop in quickly and say HELLO!

A late night drawing of (one of) my desks made during Stretching Within w/ Misty Mawn

I am Stretching Within, literally and figuratively.

Sending you a bounty of l o v e and a d v e n t u r e for this year and always!

All my heart,


  1. Thank you for your comment on my Stretching Within sketch. Yes, I often use my right (non-dominant hand), turn the pages upside down, blindfold myself. But hearing a suggestion from an objective observer once again reminds me to get out of my analytical head and break my barriers.

    I adore your painting. So fabulous. I may have to buy a print some day. :)


  2. have i ever mentioned i love everything you create (& are)?!!
    i looooooove this desk dreamy space!
    you are sooooo talented, dear friend!
    even the owl knows.

  3. Just in case you miss it on the Flickr group - I lurve this picture♥

  4. Lovely sketching~ I so wanted to take class but funds are tight right now. Maybe next go round. Happy creating! ~Theresa

  5. you guys are SO sweet....

    lucinda, i always need constant reminders of certain things myself, so i'm glad to have helped nudge!

    rachel, YOU are the dreamy one. even the owl knows!

    michele, omg, i lurve LURVE! i can HEAR you and your darling accent immediately and i want to hug you to pieces.

    theresa, i completely understand... the time will be even more right for you next go round, this i know! happy creating to You dearHeart :)

  6. your sketch rocks....just like you!

    i, like our sister everything you create and are!

    i just want to come sit in that chair and talk to mr. owl.

    love you sweets

  7. I love your sketch! Sounds like the Misty Mawn class is going great! I decided to do Mondo Beyondo and am enjoying it a lot. (You're doing Dream Lab, right? I'm doing the regular one.)

    2011 will be the best year ever! You are off to a great start with making so many wonderful new drawings. :)

    Hugs and kittens,

  8. Yay for love and adventure! Cheers!


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