Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Heart is Twisted and Dipped and Colored in Gratitude

With the post title I meant to prelude my tie-dying ventures this weekend, but the first few words that spilled out were My Heart is Twisted. So I'm gonna talk about my twisted ways! Buckle in.

Just kidding, it's not that bad. I won't deny I have a bit of a twisted or darker side. This is true. I'm only sharing this here because some people have wrote to ask if "I'm sad, because my girls (sometimes) look sad..." In answer, no, not particularly... but I do experience a wide range of emotions like most women and sadness is one of those feelings, sure! When I paint, or draw, or write, or whatever, I'm just letting it flow. I don't intend for my girls to look sad, and don't really see them this way myself. They feel more wistful/reflective rather than sad. Maybe they are sad. Who am I to tell them how they feel!

Feelings. We all feel them. Unless you're a robot. And there are robots reading this blog (Hi robots!) I know because I get notes from them, but most of you are real people experiencing real feelings. As for me, I'm just a normal girl who has experienced some unusual life circumstances which have caused me to feel deeply. All across the spectrum.

I am colored by my experience. But one of the greatest lessons I've ever learned is - my experience is colored by me.

For all of this twisting, dipping, and coloring of my life I am great-full. Because I choose to be! Who knew writing about my tie dye venture would stir this up?! I just ride the waves. . . . As for my art, just as my life, it manifests in the way it's meant to, and I'm striving more toward letting go, not controlling the outcome of it... less control, more enjoying the process and the flow. I am continuing to find myself more and more as an artist, as a writer, as a woman, as a yogi, and as a human in this world. This process never ends! Our lives are the greatest work of all. I'm just striving to LIVE THE ART fully and completely. And I am ever-so-greatfull to share this journey w/ you on the pages of my blog.

All my heART is dipped in gratitude for everything I've ever experienced! This year has shown INCREDIBLE evidence of the power of intention in my life. I'm marinating on this and starting a list of all the wonderful and empowering things that have manifested this year. All the magical people I've met and continue to meet. I will share this list with you too. This year has been incredible indeed. Thank you all for showing up here in my life, physically or in spirit. It makes me feel so light I could fly (even with all these human emotions in tow... i will let them fly too!)

2011 is going to rock in so many ways. I just know it. I'm already visualizing and setting my intentions & hope you do too! Speaking of, have you heard about Reverb10? I just joined in and you can too! Check it out ----> right here.

Rock out w/ your thoughts out my friends.
Who's gonna stop you!?

Twistedly Yours,


  1. i love what your twists
    did to your cloths!
    i'm SURE
    they are glowing on you
    & you are glowing in them.
    i also love
    how you listen to your
    & grow glow know
    through all the twists!
    i love you darling!
    twist & shout, come on come on baby now,
    work it on out!!! you twist so good!

  2. thank you Rachel!!!
    you are the sweetest!
    you twist so nice :)



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