Monday, November 1, 2010

New Stuff!

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a few new paintings I've added to my shop!

Woooohoooo! I've been on a roll w/ new stuff bursting out the past couple of weeks, and am pretty happy w/ it all, especially the colors. I tell you, getting up earlier in the mornings (and painting) has really had an impact. I won't lie, I'm totally patting myself on the back (and still working hard at building a steady routine!) I just came home with two more birch wood panels, and they're already in the works. Isn't it such a joy bringing home new wood / canvases? Like a kid in a candy store. And I must tell you the JOY i felt being surrounded by BIRCH TREES at Lake Superior a mere week ago. Wow, the birch trees were a total surprise. As I'm settling back into Florida living, my little studio is buzzing w/ activity and life and I wish I could jam pack each one of you in it w/ me... This virtual jam packing will have to do!

All of these new paintings are available here! If you would like an 8 x 8 inch print of any of these, or a custom painting, I totally welcome it all!

Love you all,


  1. oh carissa,
    i just adore
    all you are making
    & especialllllllllly
    that top one here...
    oh my heavenly heavens...
    i could eat it up!
    & i am soooooo
    deeply happy
    to be counted
    as one of your sisters...
    my head's tilted in, babe!

  2. You are on a roll girl,I'm loving everyone of them. I love the softness of colors you are using.Keep going!

  3. Carissa, These are so lovely! You are on a roll!
    ~ Happy November to you. ~Theresa

  4. I adore the colors and the expression on the cat's face! I'm so happy to see that you are in a good place with your creative and artistic life. Yeah!!!

  5. i think your new paintings are sublime!

  6. gorgeous work my dear...on my radar to make a purchase sooon...

  7. I am in complete and utter love with your banner ... your work is so different ... love the style of U ... different is good and beautiful!


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