Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking out the Trash

"No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door : the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people's eyes, to reveal the marvels around."
Paulo Coelho

Last weekend I ventured out to the Night Swan for another weekend of Yoga training. I left completely exhausted and completely renewed. On the way home this idea, this thought, this voice wouldn't escape me. It said: "Listen to the divine wisdom embedded deep within, see yourself w/ truth and love and act out of that place as often as possible." That place huh? Sounds simple enough right? Oh but wait. What I've failed to mention is, this idea has come up a few times in class (I forget who to quote on it, but here it goes) : "Meditation is also taking out the garbage." Well friends, I ran out of trash bags and had to run up to the store. And then had trouble deciding if I should get the special "scented" trash bags, or pay the same price and get more bang-for-my-buck non-scented. One lasts longer, but one smells so pretty! These are the kinds of things I've been waddling around in over the past couple of weeks. Scented or unscented? Stretchy or regular? Drawstring or twisty-tie?

Aww-hell it doesn't matter, just pick a damn bag!

Alright, I picked a bag, a whole bunch of bags in fact and I've just been filling them. Nice image isn't it? I'm taking out the trash w/ this incredible amount of "honesty." This time around the honesty came as a good look at some of my stumbling blocks, or what I perceive as stopping me from embracing my l i g h t, going full steam ahead. So, the past couple of weeks I've been asking myself questions and trying to quell those inner critic bastards.

Between all these runs to the landfill, I did get a little painting done. My studio mate Koko Kitty, totally unplanned appeared:
In non-garbage related news I wanted to share I listed a print of Nora in my little shop! <--- here. She really is lovely, in this pic above and below you can see her gracing my window seat:

Thank you for all those who are so kind to me in words / spirit / love / etc. I just saw I have 55 followers and nearly pee'd!

I promise to continue bringing out the trash and bringing in the light.

One last thing, and speaking of light (!) I have to capture pictures of the most thoughtful gift I've ever received at the most perfect time ever possible, from someone who means the world to me. I am blown away by Sacred Cake. She is a talented, treasured, thoughtful and dear S a c r e d friend. If you have a moment please pay her a visit not only to drool over her creations, but to also spread some love - she hasn't been feeling well and might could use some extra lovins!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend (and holiday in the states.)

All my (trashy) love,


  1. OK I neeeeeeeeeed KOKO!!!!! may I have it? how much?! name your price!
    and I love your taking out the trash idea....I've been doing the same. figuratively and literally.
    from the first time i "met" you, I knew you had "IT". I love your work and I have from the start.
    I believe in you. and your choice of bags.....
    : )

  2. Your paintings are soo adorable and sweet! Loving your idea of taking out the trash. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. you are too cute Carissa....and oh so wise!!!

    this post really spoke to me and i am so grateful to you for writing it.
    what a wonderful reminder to all of us ....
    "to take out the trash"....
    doesn't matter what type of bag it goes in....
    it just needs to get TAKEN OUT!!

    your paintings are wonderful...
    just like their sweet creator!

    big loves to you sweets

    ps. i am heading over to sacred cake to give her some lovins!

  4. oh how i love that voice
    you listen to
    & share w/us lucky ducks
    about trash & light
    & of course
    that message
    would allcomeatonce!
    make room, house,
    carissa's beauty
    is busting out!
    you know
    i LOVE nora
    & now a confession.
    (i'm so sorry.
    i'm not a cat fan).
    but this is a first.
    i love YOURS.
    koko kitty
    is a beautyqueen
    & she knows it
    (as she ought to).
    love her background
    & black sound.
    purrrrty a' plenty here.
    xoxox big love.

  5. dearest carissa
    i think that taking out the trash is the worst job in the house...
    (ok...next to cleaning the toilets)
    but it.s bad when it starts to stink and it affects everyone around,
    so ultimately it has to be done right? or no one will want to hang around.
    i would love to know what questions you have been asking yourself?
    i can.t wait to talk with you in person soon.
    i do hope you will share some yoga with me.
    i am addicted!
    hearts to you and all the wonderfulness swirling about you.


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