Monday, September 27, 2010

Morning + Y = Routine

Hello Monday! Here I am attempting ROUTINE (maybe I shouldn't make that word so big and scary or important, but truly it is for me right now.) A big missing element in my scattered life = routine. I've known it for a long time, tried walking the tight rope w/ my little umbrella and sparkly costume, but truth be told I have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning which throws off my entire day, week, month, year, LIFE. Something just clicked this weekend. I was listening to one of our speakers for my Yoga training, an Ayurvedic teacher / Doctor / overall amazing woman who clearly has this balance / routine thing down. She literally shines. She talked about so many things, but what stood out to me most in this moment is the need for routine. I'm not going to be some fanatical routine junky or anything, but I do need to welcome a bit more routine / balance into my life. So my intention the coming months is opening my windows and doors (literally and figuratively!) and letting routine know it's more than welcome! I may even write it a letter, or a special invitation <3

Thank you guys so much for your support re: My Magic Nausea. And for sharing your stories too :) Our guts ARE smart! I love to hear about other peoples experiences.

I'm off to start my week!
Sending La-la-la-love + light to you,

PS. What would YOU like to invite more of in YOUR beautiful life!? Write a letter or invitation to that "thing" w/ me!? ♥


  1. i'm inviting more deep-breath-in-the-moment-harmony. working on a routine with flexibility over here too. it helps to prioritize before i go to bed & again when i wake up.

    a beautiful week to you !~

  2. dear one...routine is good. one thing ironic about routine is that it seems, to me anyway, to always be changing. just when i get one down, something comes up and i have to change the routine. i would like to invite more order into my life. i am very un-orderly and it is starting to suffocate me. so ORDER....i invite you to come ANY TIME. but preferably sooner rather than later.
    hugs to you
    (and oh so soon in person)

  3. I guess i'm opposite of you on this one. I love routine,if fact if something changes I get alittle messed up for the day. But Chrissy right routines do change and then you get used to the new one. It puts balance in my life. Good luck with yours.

  4. la la love to you too
    as you open your windows & doors
    to routes, route-in.
    you have been routing in, so beautifully!
    your inside direction is glorious!!
    as for me,
    i will write to...
    dear ms. perseverence,
    keep it up. keep on going.
    keep on deepin' on.
    (i meant to write keepin',
    but thought i'd stick w/the "improvement").
    the sun's still shining
    & carrying you forward,..
    can't you feel her lemon luster?
    love, Guiding Feathers.
    wow, carissa, thank you for the invitation!
    & i think Guiding Feathers sends you love too!
    (& so do i!).xox

  5. Carissa, I can SO relate to this post. I would like more routine too. I have made a lot of progress but it is not easy for me. To have routine or get up in the morning :) xoxo


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